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Why is the Superior Choice for Voice Control in a Smart Home


“OK Josh, dim the lights 30 percent.” 

Are you ready to go hands-free in your automated home? One of the most convenient ways to control speakers, thermostats, smart lighting, and more is through voice command. When paired with a smart system like Control4 or Lutron,your voice assistant can do much more than change a song or tell you the weather. Tell it to lower the blinds, and in seconds, your motorized shades will lower

There are many players in the voice control field. But one voice stands out among them all— Built specifically for smart home integration, discover what makes Josh the superior option for your modern Charlotte, NC, home. 

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Superior Language Processing  was built to control smart home systemsCompared to other voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, Josh has the most superior Natural Language Processing (NLP) and can understand more intricate voice commands. 

For instance, if you say, “OK, Josh, dim the lights,” you can immediately afterward say, “Play ‘80s music” without needing to say “OK, Josh” again. Josh understands you’re referring to the lights and speakers in the room you’re currently inunless you explicitly tell him to control another space. 

More Privacy at Home also offers more privacy than other voice assistants with an optional ‘conversation mode’ that turns off ‘listening.’ Your voice commands are stored locally and not on a cloud, so you can rest assured that your speech isn’t being sent to the internet and sold for marketing purposes. 

In fact, Josh’s Nano device includes a built-in switch that physically disconnects the microphone. And when users double-tap the Josh Micro, it becomes muted.If you use voice control for security devicesJosh ensures only you and your family have access. You can lock smart locks through voice commands, but the system will require you to unlock the door through the app. 


You can currently communicate with Josh in three ways—through the app, the Josh Micro, and the Josh Nano. The Josh Micro device fitinto the palm of your hand with a touch-sensitive surface that can be used as a multi-purpose dial. If you tell the Micro to play music, for instance, you can thentouch the dial for volume control. The Micro can hear you from across any room, and it knows what room it’s located in. So, if you say “dim the lighting” in the home theater, the kitchen won’t dim by accident. 

The Josh Nano is an impossibly small microphone that you can discreetly mount to any wall or ceiling, perfectly blending into any space. Though it’s only slightly larger than a quarter, Josh Nano can control even the largest homes. A combination of the Micro, Nano, and app use means Josh will hear you anywhere on the property. 

If you’re looking for total control of your automated home, is the clear frontrunner compared to other voice assistantsWant to learn more aboutJosh.aiand home automation?

Explore our home technology blog here. And if you’re looking for an installation in the Charlotte area, contact The Integrated Home to discuss a custom solution for your property. 

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