Control4’s New Home Automation Products for 2021


Enhance Your Home’s Security, Lighting, AV, and More

If you’re a Control4 household, you know there are endless ways to automate your home and lifestyle. And recently, Control4 unveiled a handful of new devices that make your smart home even more accessible.

As a smart home installer based in Charlotte, NC, we’re always excited about new products from the biggest name in home automation. Read on to see all that’s new from Control4.


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Chime Video Doorbell

Do you worry about packages left on your front steps? Feel anxious about the kids returning safely from school when you’re not home? Control4’s Chime video doorbell was designed specifically to integrate with smart home systems and bring automation to your security needs.

For example, you can see and speak to visitors, unlock the door, turn on landscape lights, and disarm your alarm system all through a few swipes on the Control4 app. With a 4Sight subscription, you can use your phone to answer the door via the Chime and receive instant notifications on unusual activity. The Chime is available in both black and satin-nickel finishes with a 5-megapixel HD camera and built-in night mode, so you’ll never miss a thing. 

T4 Touchscreens

Unlike a smartphone or tablet, Control4’s T4 Touchscreen is always connected to your Control4 home system. The T4 model is an upgrade of the previous T3 with a new high-resolution screen, dual microphone, and more powerful speakers. Mount the T4 on a stand or wall to always have a reliable location to access Control4.

At a glance on the touchscreen, you can see what lights are on, what doors are unlocked, and which speakers are currently playing. Select devices, activate scenes, and then walk through your house, stopping at the next T4 screen to change the song.

New Smart Outlet Switches

Smart lighting can transform any room’s atmosphere with a tap of a button, and Control4’s new Essential Lighting switches make it easier to bring lighting control to more spaces. Most people consider bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and home theaters for their automated lighting but might skip bathrooms, the garage, closets, and laundry rooms. Essential Lighting is an affordable way to offer the basics of lighting control to the entire house.

The Essential Wireless In-Wall Switch grants you on/off control of lights, motors, and pumps, with a blue LED on the switch to show light status. So, you can group more lights and rooms on your Control4 smart system, turning the entire house on or off in seconds.

Red Neeo Remote

Voice control and phone apps are fun and handy, but sometimes you want a physical remote in your hand. Control4’s Neeo remote is unlike any TV controller you’ve ever used. It combines hard buttons and a touchscreen in a lightweight device, providing access to all your smart home devices. That means there’s no need for a pile of remotes on the coffee table or couch—Neeo can consolidate them all. And now it’s available in a sleek, red-hot color for a limited time.


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