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Is Going Out to the Movies Becoming a Drag?


Avoid Common Movie-Watching Issues with a Home Theater Installation 

It’s no secret that commercial theaters have lost their luster. Ticket sales were already declining from 2000 to 2019, from 5 visits per person per year in 2000 to about 3.7 in 2019. There was an obvious plummet in sales over the next two years, but even by 2023, that number only went back to 2.47. The verdict is in: people prefer watching content at home. 

A recent poll found that only 32% of people prefer to watch movies in theaters. Of the respondents, 45% preferred streaming, and another 21% opted for cable TV. Why is that shift happening? It’s likely a combination of two things. The viewing experience at home is improving while the cinema experience is becoming worse and more expensive.

We wanted to dig deeper into what is driving people away and show you how to get a better experience in your Charlotte, NC, home with a professional home theater installation

5 Facts About LED Lighting Fixtures for Your Smart Home


Discover How LEDs Can Benefit Your Lifestyle! 

In smart homes, LED lighting fixtures are not just a symbol of environmental responsibility but a tangible step towards a more convenient future. Along with offering increased energy efficiency, they seamlessly integrate with smart home automation systems. These setups allow you to easily manage your home’s lighting, crafting beautiful atmospheres and saving money on electricity bills. 

At The Integrated Home, we specialize in updating your space to be more efficient, modern, and comfortable while taking the guesswork out of the installation process. Below are five things to keep in mind when considering an LED lighting upgrade throughout your home.

What Are Motorized Shading Systems?

Lutron roller shades in a bedroom setting with a bed between two windows.

And Can The Integrated Home Add Them to My Home?

Opening your home to the convenience and elegance of motorized shading systems represents the pinnacle of modern living. These innovative solutions elevate the style and functionality of your interior spaces with effortless control over natural lighting and privacy. They’re a must-have for homeowners in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Below, this blog explores the benefits of automated window treatments and how a shading team like The Integrated Home can elevate your living experiences with style and sophistication. Keep reading!

Yes, You Can Do That with a Whole-House Audio System!

Sonance in-ceiling architectural speakers with a demonstration of sound coverage with drawn on sound wave dispersion.

The Integrated Home Team Brings Stellar Sound to Every Room

Merging high-tech luxury with timeless Southern charm is a feat many homeowners desire these days, and whole-house audio systems are the perfect solution for making that dream a reality.

Blending into any room—and even outside—these speaker setups offer a harmonious blend of exceptional sound quality that integrates seamlessly with the design of your Charlotte-area living spaces.

Keep reading to explore how you can set the stage for better home entertainment experiences, whether hosting a party or relaxing at the end of a long day.

Lighting Design Tips for the Kitchen

Modern kitchen with a professional lighting design.

How to Enhance Your Kitchen Through Lighting ‍

Lighting design is crucial in every room of the house. But let’s start with one of the most popular rooms: the kitchen. Whether you’re a great cook or not, the kitchen is where the family congregates around food, drink, and conversations.

And with a well-planned lighting design, you’ll enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics while improving safety and functionality. Has that cheese gone moldy? Appropriate lighting ensures you’re never second-guessing. 

By choosing the right lighting fixtures and layout, you can curate a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes your kitchen the heart of your home. Let’s examine how you can improve your kitchen’s lighting design in Charlotte, NC, and beyond. 

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