Give Your Clients a Home Upgrade by Adding LED Light Fixtures

A modern living area accented by warm light from LED lighting fixtures

DMF Modular LED Lighting Makes It Easy to Add Value and Appeal to a Home

If you’re an interior designer, chances are aesthetics come first in anything you do. You appreciate things that are well-made, well-designed, and well-engineered, but it has to look good! Nowhere is that more important than lighting. Lighting is critical in making everything else you do shine, but the lighting has to be equally aesthetically pleasing.

That’s why we think you’ll love DMF’s new DID series LED lighting fixtures for your Charlotte, NC, clients. You'll appreciate how well made they are, but above all, you'll love how they look in your projects – and how they put everything else in the best light too. 

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How Well Does Your Security System Perform?

Shot of the exterior of a home protected with a smart home security system.

Ensure the Safety of Your Family & Property with Zero Hassle

Your family’s 24/7 safety is the top priority for you above any and everything else - so when it comes to your home security system, you don’t want to take any risks or shortcuts. If your system isn’t up to par, you’ll find yourself worrying while you’re either home or away about the protection of your property. Set your mind at ease with a proper smart home security system and setup!

When it’s time for an upgrade, you don’t want to rely on DIY solutions or products off the shelf. Instead, work with The Integrated Home for an improved security setup from trusted brands like Snap One. Want to learn what’s new with this company and how you can bolster your Charlotte, NC, home’s security with our help? Keep reading below. 

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Smart Lighting Just Got Smarter with Control4 OS 3.3.0

Smart Lighting Just Got Smarter with Control4 OS 3.3.0

The Upgraded Control4 Operating System Offers Effortless Control of Tunable Lighting

Today’s smart lighting brings exceptional design and functionality. With one tap, you can change the color of your lights, dim or brighten them, and turn them on or off throughout your home or in one room. 

In 2022, Control4 made the process even easier—giving homeowners effortless control of their lighting. Let’s look at what this means to homes in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas.

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Enjoy a Life of Luxury with the Home Theater of Your Dreams

living room at night with large movie projector counting down from three

Discover How a Home Theater Company Can Elevate Your Lifestyle

After a long and chaotic week of working and running errands, you probably just want to relax and have a peaceful weekend with your family. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to settle down when your home environment doesn't have any areas that promote ease and relaxation. 

Whether you're just moving in or mapping out the blueprints for your new renovations, you could benefit from working with a home theater company in Charlotte, NC, that understands home design. After all, what's a home without a place to relax and be entertained on your off days? 

With The Integrated Home, you can enjoy a home theater system with high-quality audio and video technology that is unmatched — making your home perfect for hosting guests or just relaxing on your own time.

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Impress Your Clients with a Lighting Control System

Living room with luxurious Lutron lights and shades.

Lutron’s Whole Home Lighting Systems Provide Style and Convenience to Your Clients’ Homes

Whether you’re constructing, remodeling, or designing houses, clients trust you to create a comfortable, luxurious space that they call home. The work you do for your Charlotte, NC, clients will impact their daily life for years to come, so it’s crucial to create a space where they love to relax, entertain, and possibly raise a family. But the home you create should go beyond being functional and help alleviate the stress of homeownership and daily life. 

That’s why smart home automation is so popular. Integrating technology into a home helps streamline home functions, making managing a property much easier and less stressful. One of the most popular smart home technologies is a lighting control system. Keep reading to see how a smart lighting system like Lutron can benefit your clients.

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