Deliver Pristine Music Throughout Your Home with Whole-Home Audio

A home’s living area with a couch, table, and in-ceiling speakers.

Enjoy High-Performance Music and Soundtracks from Your Home Audio System

Are you ready to experience high-resolution music throughout your home and outdoor areas? With a whole-home audio system, you can stream your favorite playlist or enjoy your treasured vinyl in one room or throughout your home. From this same system, you can enjoy surround sound when it's movie night and the latest sporting event on your outdoor TV. Now, with one touch of a button, you can choose an audio source, the room, and enjoy.

Let's explore what a whole-home audio system is and how it's transforming homes in Charlotte, NC.

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A Professional Home Theater Installation Makes All the Difference

A professional home theater installation and setup featuring a large screen, lighting fixtures, and luxurious seating.

Work with The Integrated Home for an Immersive & Cinematic Media Space

A luxurious and inviting space for home entertainment is transformative for every viewer. With upgraded audio and video, you’ll never experience your home media the same way again in such an immersive environment! But to achieve this high-quality viewing space, you need high-quality solutions and products for your setup.

A professional home theater installation is essential for the cinematic result you have envisioned for your Charlotte, NC, space! And by working with The Integrated Home, you can rest assured that your project is in good care.

So what does this type of installation entail, and why is working with our team a must? Keep reading to find out more about our audio-video services and solutions for your upcoming home theater installation.

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Bring Beauty and Ease to Your Clients with LED Light Fixtures

A brightly-lit kitchen with numerous light fixtures.

Interior Home Design Using LED Lighting

As Frank Lloyd Wright said, “More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building.” Undoubtedly, many interior designers, architects, and builders would agree. With the advent of dynamic, full-spectrum LED light fixtures, lighting has become akin to a painter’s palette, transforming a space with the touch of a button or a voice command. 

More than illumination, today’s lighting design creates spaces of intrigue that change the environment for every feeling and function. It highlights architectural elements, furniture, and fine works of art in hues that bring out their best features. It offers natural lighting that fills a home with the color of daylight, promoting energy in the day and relaxation in the evening.

Frank Lloyd Wright would be amazed. 

Let’s look at what this type of lighting offers those in the trade and why they should consider incorporating LED light fixtures.

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4 Reasons to Use Double Online Conversion for Power Management

A view of a living room with a kitchen to the right. Living room features a wood table in the foreground and white couch in the background.

Access Clean, Uninterrupted Power at All Times With This Home Energy Management Tool 

Losing power is the ultimate inconvenience for anyone. But in luxury homes with smart technology spanning the entire property, it can have dire consequences. Our clients often look for backup power solutions that will give them peace of mind during blackouts and brownouts—which are often even more dangerous for electronic components. 

Do you know which home energy management option is best for your Charlotte, NC, home? We recommend Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) in these cases instead of traditional generators, which will result in momentary disruptions to your power. Although line-interactive UPS are usually cheaper, double online conversion solutions are the better option. See why we use them for our luxury clients. 

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Luma Brings AI-Powered Surveillance Systems to Homeowners

A video surveillance camera under the eave of a home.

Integrate Luma Surveillance with Control4 Home Automation for a Secure Smart Home

There was a time when video surveillance systems were limited to commercial businesses. Fortunately, more homeowners are looking to protect their families and homes and turning to these systems for security. According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, a protected home is 300% less likely to experience burglaries and break-ins. These systems act as a deterrent, with many thieves choosing a different target if they spot a security camera. 

At The Integrated Home, we provide life-enhancing solutions in home automation and smart surveillance systems, using the latest technology to ensure the highest level of security and convenience. 

To accomplish this, we partner with Luma, an industry leader in intuitive smart surveillance that remains on the cutting edge of quickly evolving technology. In September 2022, the brand launched the new Luma x20 family of surveillance products.

Let’s explore what they offer and how, together, we’re protecting homes in Charlotte, NC.

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