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Your DMF Lighting Dealer in Charlotte, NC

DMF Lighting solutions enhance both the look and ambiance of your space. Discover an all-new way to illuminate home by partnering with our DMF Lighting dealers.

Your DMF Lighting Dealer in Charlotte, NC

DMF Lighting solutions enhance both the look and ambiance of your space. Discover an all-new way to illuminate home by partnering with our DMF Lighting dealers.

Why DMF Lighting?

DMF Lighting solutions are renowned for their exceptional engineering quality and stellar reputation, providing unparalleled options for creative lighting design. When you pair DMF Lighting with your preferred lighting control system, the possibilities are endless. 

Creative Lighting Solutions

Our DMF lighting experts craft breathtaking environments.

Engineering Excellence

DMF’s lighting fixtures are at the cutting edge of innovation, incorporating advanced technology and conducting compatibility tests to guarantee superior performance for every project. Their specialists constantly improve the efficiency, functionality, and compact design of their products.

Always Advancing

DMF consistently leads in lighting technology, delivering cutting-edge hardware and designs. The integrated driver exemplifies this— a groundbreaking solution that introduces a smart, new perspective to lighting fixtures.

Attention to Detail

Every DMF Lighting product is meticulously guided by a dedicated team from inception through to production. The majority of components are crafted in-house by specialists to deliver a dependable and innovative lighting experience.

Raising the Bar

DMF's commitment to engineering-driven downlighting perpetually redefines the boundaries of possibility, merging top-tier performance with elegant design.

Flexible Lighting Systems

DMF Lighting products feature a modular design, enabling straightforward customization and scalability to meet diverse lighting requirements. Tailor your system with various trim shapes, styles, and finishes to complement your decor.

DMF Quality

Through rigorous testing procedures to unparalleled manufacturing quality, DMF guarantees that every product adheres to the highest standards.

Comprehensive Quality Testing

When we install DMF Lighting systems, we thoroughly test all components, from dimmer compatibility to ensuring color consistency among fixtures, ensuring each fixture performs exactly as expected.

Noticeable Quality

Constructed from high-grade aluminum, DMF’s trims are notably durable— their solid structure immediately noticeable. Additionally, they fit tightly to the ceiling, eliminating sagging and reducing light spillage.

Warm Dim

As the sky gets darker outside, DMF fixtures automatically adjust to golden tones as you dim the lights, enhancing your overall well-being.

Recreate Natural Lighting Indoors

Human-centric lighting brings the outdoors to you.

Natural Light

DMF downlights’ Warm Dim feature tunes lighting to mimic the color of sunlight, strengthening the link between natural circadian rhythms and light. You’ll unwind better at night, helping to achieve more restful sleep.

Achieve the Perfect Hue

DMF’s Warm Dim technology alters both the ambiance and look of your space, maintaining elegant design and peak performance. Warm Dim lights transition from blue-white 3000K to a warm, intimate 1800K, all while upholding an impressive 93+ CRI and Energy Star rating.

Enhanced Dimming

At its brightest, the color temperature of DMF lighting fixtures stays vivid and consistent. As the light is dimmed below 50%, the color temperature smoothly transitions to a warmer tone.

Why Do I Need Human Centric Lighting?

Studies show that inadequate lighting can interfere with our natural circadian rhythms, adversely affecting our health. Adopting circadian lighting enhances life quality for the time we spend indoors, which can be a majority of the time during cold winters and hot summers. 

Human-centric lighting is crucial for maintaining the body’s internal clock. Proper exposure to the right type and color of light at appropriate times can regulate sleep patterns, mood, and general well-being.

  • DCC Series
    The DCC Series combines flexible features with DMF’s most robust LED modules to deliver brilliant illumination and superior design, providing a flexible solution for any project need.
  • Artafex 4 Series
    Designed for supreme adaptability and unmatched flexibility, the Artafex 4 Series offers a single housing with versatile functionalities, easily adapting to any environment.
  • Artafex 2 Series
    Upgrade your lighting options with a completely modular, narrow aperture system that includes trims designed to create a unified aesthetic when used alongside other DMF lighting fixtures.
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