A Stunning Media Room Installation for Both Indoors & Outdoors

A large media room space with a Screen Innovations Solo 3 screen installed in front of windows.

Screen Innovations Delivers a Screen to Transform Any Living Space

An immersive media room offers a perfectly curated oasis for you and your family to escape and experience your favorite entertainment in an ideal setting. There are many reasons to go with a media room installation over a home theater setup - one of them is the former’s flexibility. You can create a media room in any living space across your Charlotte, NC, home - even outdoors!

Of course, to make these multi-purpose media rooms a reality, you need the right audiovisual solutions to create the ultimate viewing experience, whether inside or outside. With the Solo 3 projection screen from Screen Innovations, your media room can become the place to be all year long! Keep reading below to find out more.

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Upgrade Your Control System with New Control4 Vibrant Lighting

A living space illuminated by Control4 lighting.

Illuminate & Elevate Your Living Spaces

As lighting can transform and reshape any room, new features to your home lighting control system can bring new life to your Charlotte, NC home as a whole! Control4’s new Vibrant Linear Lighting is the leading brand’s latest solution that integrates temperature, color, and brightness into your surroundings and everyday smart home experience.

Create the ideal home environment of your dreams with this innovative lighting system and its advanced features. Want to learn more about its many benefits for you and the entire household? Keep reading on below.

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How Can Your High-End Audio Shape Your Home Entertainment?

High-end audio speakers as part of a home sound setup with artwork on a wall and a table in between them.

Check Out How Your Home Sound System Can Elevate Your Media

What you use to listen to your home audio throughout your Charlotte, NC property can influence how you experience that media as a whole! Ensure that you’re getting the most out of your album playthroughs, movie viewings, and more. An upgraded, high-end audio system from our team at The Integrated Home can transform how you hear and feel your home entertainment.

Our AV installers will deliver a streamlined system that enhances every performance, no matter the type of media. Keep reading below to learn how this elevated audio setup can redefine the way you experience your favorite music, movies, and more!

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Your Guide to Common Home Network Installation Terms

Man and woman in kitchen programming devices using a tablet.

Learn the Difference Between Routers, Repeaters, and Access Points

Home networks have come a long way in the past decade. According to a Deloitte survey, the average household has 22 connected devices. With so many devices to support, the old-school router from years past probably isn’t working as well as it should.

How can you tell if it’s time to upgrade your home network? 

  • Wi-Fi speeds slow down, and things take more time to load.
  • The Wi-Fi connection drops frequently.
  • Your router is hot to the touch.
  • You have plans to add more connected devices to your network.

If any of these items are things you’ve experienced, then it’s time to consider an upgrade to your existing home network. An upgrade can significantly affect how much you enjoy using connected devices in your Charlotte, NC home.

Continue reading to learn some standard home network terms and how the team at The Integrated Home could assist in your next home network installation or upgrade.

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Motorized Shades Offer Beauty and Automated Control of Daylight

A living room with a fireplace, flat-screen TV, and red motorized shades partially drawn.

Bring Beauty and Effortless Living to Your Home with J Geiger’s Inception Shades

Manually operated window coverings offer beauty, privacy, and the ability to control natural light. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to them. They are inconvenient to operate, requiring you to raise and lower them throughout the day as the sun’s glare catches your TV screen or its rays heat up your home. In response, most people tend to leave them lowered for much of the day, missing out on the many benefits and beauty of natural light. 

Motorized shades provide the solution. Now, your shades automatically raise and lower throughout the day, letting in just enough diffuse sunlight. One tap on a touchscreen, in-wall keypad, or remote, and you can raise or lower any shade in any room or throughout your Charlotte, NC, home. 

While growing in popularity, one has to wonder why everyone isn’t taking advantage of this remarkable technology. Let’s explore the reasons and the solutions.

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