Access Networks: The Home Networking Provider You Need for Better Wi-Fi


How an Enterprise-Grade Network Can Boost Your Smart Devices’ Connection

It used to be enough to install any wireless router to connect all the tech you needed. Maybe you used one or two computers and smartphones. Today, with the addition of smart TVs and integrated systems that include lighting, audio, thermostats, and security, it all depends on your home network. Can your Wi-Fi handle it?

If you frequently find your devices running slow or struggling to connect, it may be time for a home networking upgrade. For a truly reliable system, an enterprise-grade network by Access Networks will make all the difference.

But what is enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, and what does Access Networks do that your current ISP can’t? We’ll share how it will benefit your Lake Norman, NC, home below.


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High-End Audio Spotlight: James Loudspeaker


Build the Best Home Speaker System for Your Charlotte, NC, House

What makes certain speakers superior in quality than others? Why do audiophiles adore some brands while others aren’t worthy of being touched by a ten-foot pole? Don’t all speakers do essentially the same thing?

No, not all speakers are the same. Like a fine wine or new iPhone model, some speakers deliver far more excellent results than others. The best speakers can play an even frequency response, which means low, mid, and high-range frequencies are balanced, and each sound frequency recorded can be reproduced. This is actually very difficult to achieve.

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the impressive home speaker system brand James Loudspeaker. Their soundbars, subwoofers, and architectural speakers can blend into your Charlotte, NC, home interior. And controlled through one smart system, you’ll access and enjoy music more often than ever. Read on to learn what sets James Loudspeaker apart.


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Tech Spotlight: Screen Innovations’ Motorized Window Treatments


Discover Battery-Powered & Wireless Motorized Shades

Let your house work with you, not against you. We all know maintaining a household can be difficult. Dust bunnies appear out of nowhere, the dishwasher is full, and you need to stop by the store before dinner. So take one daily task off of your shoulders with motorized window treatments and watch how they enhance all hours of the day.  

Today, we’re spotlighting smart motorized blinds by Screen Innovations, an Austin-based manufacturer specializing in motorized window treatments, outdoor shades, and projector screens. Their shades run on battery power and a Zigbee 3.0 wireless network. How does it work? And what is Zigbee? Read on to discover how Screen Innovations will help your Lake Norman, NC, home.


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Home Theater Design for Architects, Builders, and Interior Designers


How We’ll Help You Build or Design a Stunning Home Theater in Lake Norman, NC

If you’re an architect, builder, or interior designer, you know that it takes a village to complete a high-end home build. Daily, you’re in contact with electricians, plumbers, civil engineers, pool contractors, art dealers, consultants, and various specialists. You play the role of the ringleader, sourcing the right people and materials to put the puzzle pieces of a house together.

Just like the other experts you work with, if your clients are interested in a home theater, you’ll need assistance from someone who knows the technology inside and out. There are many moving parts to a home theater design, and a professional integrator can help your project flourish.

As a home theater installer in Lake Norman, NC, we’ll share below how we assist architects, builders, and designers to ‘wow’ clients with the magic of cinema.


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Bask in the Sunlight With a Séura Outdoor TV


Social distance in your backyard

We highly recommend outdoor home theaters simply because there are few things better than enjoying entertainment in your Charlotte, NC backyard. Whether you love watching movies under the stars or catching up with Netflix while tending to the grill, there are plenty of ways to have fun. If you’ve been cooped up inside because of social distancing, now’s the perfect time to start exploring your backyard again. And when it comes to outdoor TV, there’s no better place to start than with Séura. Why do you need a specialized TV to enjoy it in the backyard? Find out by reading below.


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