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How to Pick the Best ALR Screen for your Media Room

Why ALR Is the Future of Media Room Installation in Lake Norman, NC

How to Pick the Best ALR Screen for your Media Room

“Ambient lighting” is a term used frequently in the AV industry. It is the light that is present in a room before additional lighting is added, including sunlight, ceiling lights, and fireplaces, as opposed to task lighting or complicated, multi-layered lighting design.

Though it is an essential part of our everyday lives, ambient lighting should not be a part of your home theater experience. Ambient light rejecting screens combat this glare-causing nuisance with unique technology that we’ll discuss today. Read on to find out why you should use one in your next media room installation in Lake Norman, NC!

TAGS: Ambient Light Rejection Screens | Home Theater Installation | Media Room Installation

Lighting Control Systems Improve Moods & Reduce Headaches

Learn How Human-Centric Lighting Works and Will Enhance Your Charlotte Home

Lighting Control Systems Improve Moods & Reduce Headaches

We take wellness for granted until we aren’t feeling great: Sluggishness, fatigue, and migraines are all common ailments that affect most of us. According to a poll conducted by YouGov, only 1 in 7 Americans wakes up feeling well-rested every day of the week. We can try our best to get enough rest and relaxation, but oftentimes, life gets in the way. But what if we told you your home’s lighting could improve your wellbeing?

Smart lighting control systems have been known for use in commercial spaces and theaters, but they have gained prominence in homes for their tunable color and brightness features. To see how smart lighting can improve wellness in your Charlotte, NC home, learn more below!  

TAGS: Lighting Control | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Technology

Ready to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment for the Holidays?

Make the Most of Thanksgiving Football, Holiday Movies & Music

Ready to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment for the Holidays?

The holidays are just around the corner, as we’ll enjoy a cozy stretch of get-togethers with mashed potatoes and homemade cookies. Whether you regularly host family at your house or will do so for the first time this year, you’ll want to be sure everyone has a time to remember. From Thanksgiving football games to Christmas music, we often incorporate audio and video into our celebrations. If you’ve meant to upgrade your home entertainment systems, consider this your year to shine.

Why? We’ll share the latest in display and audio options below. That way, you’ll spread holiday cheer through great music and video in your Charlotte, NC home.

TAGS: 4K Ultra HD | Audio Video System | Home Theater System

Tips to Prevent & Catch Crimes with Home Surveillance Systems

Get the Best & Safest Results from Your Home’s Security Cameras

Tips to Prevent & Catch Crimes with Home Surveillance Systems

If you read the news on home security cameras, you’ll see that homeowners across the nation are successfully protecting their families with surveillance systems. Burglars are caught more easily today thanks to individuals’ cameras. As more people in the neighborhood install them, neighbors are helping each other stop crime.  

If you have or are planning on adding home surveillance systems to your property in the Lake Norman, NC area, there are many ways to make the most of your technology. To ensure your security system performs its best, continue reading below.

TAGS: Crime Prevention | Family Safety | Home Security