Make Your Interiors Shine with Superior Lighting Design


How Tunable Lighting Makes Everything Look Better

Have you ever walked into a room and been struck by the lighting? Perhaps it was too bright. Or maybe the light was too “cold.” Maybe there wasn’t enough light. Or possibly there was natural light available, and it wasn’t being used well. 

Good lighting design is part art and part science. The science comes into how to design lighting sources that provide enough light for specific purposes and give precise ways to control it. The art comes into using creativity with light to make interior details more attractive and noticeable. 

One of the newer features on the science end of lighting design is tunable lighting. Tunable lighting adds to the scientific lighting toolset and opens new creative, artful uses of light for your Charlotte, NC home. Explore more about tunable lighting and its benefits below!

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Design More Comfortable Interior Environments with Motorized Window Treatments


Motorized Window Treatments Add Protection and Luxury with Style

As a designer, you are expert in creating custom designs that fit both form and function. When it comes to window treatments, they function to manage light and privacy while adding form with design and materials. But there’s one extra touch you can add to your window treatment designs that bring even more function with the form – power, and automation. 

Motorized window treatments are a smart home feature that’s quickly becoming mainstream. They make harnessing and managing natural light much easier for a more comfortable home environment, especially when integrated into a home automation system. If you are designing new window treatments for a Charlotte, NC, project, you should go with powered options. Explore three reasons why below!

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5 Tips to Protect Your Home Network from Cybersecurity Threats


Network breaches can put you and your family at risk — learn how to prevent them here

Over the past several years, our homes and lives have become more digitally connected than ever before. Modern-day smart homes run on home networking infrastructure that connects TVs, gaming systems, smart devices like thermostats and doorbells, computers, mobile phones, and more to the internet. 

And while the vast Internet of Things (IoT) has indisputably brought more comfort, entertainment, and convenience into our lives, there’s a dark side too. As we move more of our lives online, our home networks, devices, and personal data are at risk from cyber threats like hackers, malware, viruses, and ransomware. 

How can you better protect your home and family from network breaches in Charlotte, NC? Keep reading to learn five tips. 

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Create an Outdoor Entertainment Zone with Audio and Video


Make the Most from Your Outdoor Areas, Day or Night

With relatively mild winters and beautiful springs and autumns, North Carolina is a place where the outdoor seasons can be enjoyed more than other areas. And there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them in the convenience of your own backyard. One way to make sure you’re never bored outside is with an outdoor audio/video entertainment setup. 

No matter the size and layout of your outdoor space, there are outdoor entertainment solutions for your Charlotte home. You can enjoy music on your patio or all over the backyard and TV in the sun or your comfortably shaded covered patio. Keep reading to explore the options below. 

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Whole House Audio – the Gateway to a Smart Home


See How Whole Home Audio Can Differentiate Your Design/Build Projects

As design professionals and builders, you’re always looking for ways to differentiate your work. Whether it’s a custom design flourish, a style in which you specialize, or the use of materials and construction techniques, you look to set yourself apart.

Prospective homebuyers and remodelers are highly interested in smart home technology. Yet, many of them may not know about all the potential a smart home system can offer in their home. One way to get people excited about it is with whole-house audio. Everyone can appreciate the luxury of listening to music all over the house – even outdoors – with consummate ease, without needing an audio system in every room. The beauty of it is that with systems like Control4, whole-house audio is just the "killer app" that pushes people to take the plunge– but they get much more with the rest of the solution. Read on to learn how whole house audio is the gateway for integrating smart home features to make your Charlotte, NC projects stand out from the pack.

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