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Enjoy the Perks of Screen Innovations Motorized Window Treatments

Screen Innovations Zen 2 outdoor shades installed on a patio of a home

Create a More Comfortable Space by Adding Indoor and Outdoor Shading Systems to Your Home

Shade automation is an integral part of living in a modern home. After all, there’s nothing “modern” about manually controlling your shades and blinds with cords and strings. Today’s motorized window treatments can be installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces and offer a wide range of benefits. The sole purpose of motorized shading is to make your home more comfortable and manageable for you. And it certainly does the trick!

Today, countless manufacturers offer motorized shades, but Screen Innovations is a leading brand that designs exceptional shading systems for indoor and outdoor integration. Read on to discover how Screen Innovations adds convenience and comfort to your home in Charlotte, NC.

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Designed to Disappear: Concealed Motorized Window Treatments


The Ultimate Confluence of Design and Technology

You and your North Carolina clients understand the luxury and convenience that motorized window treatments bring to a home. While today’s motorized options are anything but bulky, sometimes an even sleeker, more integrated look is called for. Maybe it’s for a picture window that reveals a spectacular view of Lake Norman, or an ultramodern wall of windows in a luxury Uptown Charlotte high-rise with an amazing city view. Regardless of the reason, there’s a way to maximize the window view.

Concealed motorized blinds, skylights, and curtain tracks from Blindspace enable you to make the most of every window, offering automated window treatments that virtually disappear into walls and ceilings. As a designer, you'll love the flexibility afforded by this solution to implement your and your clients' design vision without encumbrances. Read on below to learn more about hidden motorized window treatments. 

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Design More Comfortable Interior Environments with Motorized Window Treatments


Motorized Window Treatments Add Protection and Luxury with Style

As a designer, you are expert in creating custom designs that fit both form and function. When it comes to window treatments, they function to manage light and privacy while adding form with design and materials. But there’s one extra touch you can add to your window treatment designs that bring even more function with the form – power, and automation. 

Motorized window treatments are a smart home feature that’s quickly becoming mainstream. They make harnessing and managing natural light much easier for a more comfortable home environment, especially when integrated into a home automation system. If you are designing new window treatments for a Charlotte, NC, project, you should go with powered options. Explore three reasons why below!

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Choose the Right Color, Texture, and Transparency for Motorized Shades


Motorized Window Treatments by Hunter Douglas

Motorized shades are valuable for countless reasons. They save time, automatically keep rooms cool, and award instant privacy at one touch of a button. Smart shades are an excellent solution for hard-to-reach windows like skylights, and vastly beneficial for the elderly and disabled. Plus, they can be integrated with smart systems like Control4.

If you’re an interior designer, you may be wondering how you can factor in design with motorized window treatments. As a smart technology installer in Charlotte, NC, we’ll share the different options you’ll find from one of our favorite brands, Hunter Douglas.


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Tech Spotlight: Screen Innovations’ Motorized Window Treatments


Discover Battery-Powered & Wireless Motorized Shades

Let your house work with you, not against you. We all know maintaining a household can be difficult. Dust bunnies appear out of nowhere, the dishwasher is full, and you need to stop by the store before dinner. So take one daily task off of your shoulders with motorized window treatments and watch how they enhance all hours of the day.  

Today, we’re spotlighting smart motorized blinds by Screen Innovations, an Austin-based manufacturer specializing in motorized window treatments, outdoor shades, and projector screens. Their shades run on battery power and a Zigbee 3.0 wireless network. How does it work? And what is Zigbee? Read on to discover how Screen Innovations will help your Lake Norman, NC, home.


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