Enjoy the Perks of Screen Innovations Motorized Window Treatments

Screen Innovations Zen 2 outdoor shades installed on a patio of a home

Create a More Comfortable Space by Adding Indoor and Outdoor Shading Systems to Your Home

Shade automation is an integral part of living in a modern home. After all, there’s nothing “modern” about manually controlling your shades and blinds with cords and strings. Today’s motorized window treatments can be installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces and offer a wide range of benefits. The sole purpose of motorized shading is to make your home more comfortable and manageable for you. And it certainly does the trick!

Today, countless manufacturers offer motorized shades, but Screen Innovations is a leading brand that designs exceptional shading systems for indoor and outdoor integration. Read on to discover how Screen Innovations adds convenience and comfort to your home in Charlotte, NC.

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Nano Box

The Nano Box from Screen Innovations is the ultimate shading solution that can be integrated into any window. It allows you to use dual shades on one window. One shade filters the light while still illuminating the space. The second shade, when lowered, blocks all light from entering your room- creating a private and comfortable space.

The Nano Box - either wired or wireless - comes with a quiet motor for noiseless operation. The wireless model can be installed anywhere, even in locations without a power source. They are battery-powered and completely rechargeable. 

Moreover, you can choose from 80 different fabrics and 12 unique colors to match the décor of your home. Just because of the added functionality, there is no need to compromise on the style.

Lastly, the Nano Box offers flexible control and automation. Seamlessly connect the shading system to your home automation system and enjoy one-touch control using any mobile device.

Zen 2 Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades are perfect for reducing the sun’s harsh glare and keeping your space more comfortable. The Screen Innovations Zen 2 shades can be integrated on patios, decks, pergolas, and other outdoor spaces. Zen 2 can also be connected to the latest home automation systems, offering hassle-free control and motorization.

The outdoor shades offer nine beautiful colors that can blend perfectly into any space. But you can choose any color as the Zen 2 shading system is custom paintable for the perfect color blend. The shades also come with cable guides that keep them in place, no matter how windy it gets. And since they are made with stainless steel, they remain unaffected by outdoor elements and corrosion.

It is the perfect solution for relaxing in the outdoor area of your home. Whether you want to regulate the temperature or block the sun’s harsh glare, the Zen 2 outdoor shades will create a comfortable space that can be used all year round.

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