3 Reasons Why You Need the New Control4 System

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Enjoy the convenience and comfort of Control4 OS 3

Smart home technology is no longer a thing of the past. Today, most homeowners require a space with automated features, such as lighting control, motorized shades, smart security, and one-touch control of their home entertainment system. 

If you’re a luxury homeowner who wants an even better experience in your home, then now is the time to add smart home automation to your life. There are different home automation systems you can integrate, but Control4 is the top choice that we recommend. Its recent update with OS 3.3 and core processors offers a new level of speed, performance, and seamless smart home control. 

Read on to discover the top three reasons homeowners should add automated features to their Charlotte, NC, residence.

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1.   Improved Interaction with Home Technologies

Control4’s latest update - the OS 3.3 - allows homeowners to control all of their home’s technologies using touch-interface control panels, mobile devices, and voice control systems. It has incorporated advanced technology that offers improved interaction with smart devices and a more personalized experience. 

Simplified control options allow you to control your entire home using the Neeo touchscreen remote, the Control4 app on smart devices, or in-wall or countertop touch-interface keypads. A single button press can adjust the lighting, brightness levels, shading system, or any home entertainment technology.

Also, if you have tunable LED lighting, a color wheel allows you to change the color of the lights with a single tap. Moreover, you can create personalized scenes with different lighting elements.

2.   Enhanced Personalization with Custom Scenes

No matter how you want to change the scenes, everything is possible with Control4. Even though the highlight of the Core OS 3.3 update is improved lighting control, the home automation system contains all previous functionalities befitting a luxury home. However, the new core processors offer faster and much more efficient solutions.

You can preset scenes for every room so that a single swipe can adjust home technologies to your liking. The customization possibilities are limitless. Adjust scenes room by room for added convenience and comfort.

3.   Convenient Design for Homeowners and Integrators

The best part about having a Control4 system in your residence is that it is easily installed and can accommodate numerous devices simultaneously. It is the perfect solution for both homeowners and integrators.

Besides the RGB lighting control and tunable lighting, the OS 3.3 update seamlessly connects to different home entertainment technologies. In addition, the sleek wall-mounted control panels become integral to your home design without altering the décor.

Transform your residential space in Charlotte, NC, by adding a smart home automation system. Partner with The Integrated Home to create a luxury home you always wanted. Start your project today. Call us at (704) 412-4040 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details. 

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