Architects, Could You Use a Home Prewiring Installation?


Give Homeowners What They Want & Make Smart Systems Easier to Install

For any new home build, smart technology is now an essential component to consider. But homeowners can be placed in a difficult situation if they move in without proper prewiring. If they would like to install multi-room audio and a security setup in the same system, it will be much more of a headache to open walls and run wires after-the-fact.

So if you’re an architect or builder working with clients who are interested in smart technology and luxury lifestyles, consider a home prewiring installation. Based in Charlotte, NC, we perform low-voltage wiring installations specifically for smart systems. But what is prewiring, and why could your project benefit?  


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What Is Home Prewiring?

In the past, most homes were wired with only a few lines—to the AC electric power, the phone, and a few TV cables. Today, we install low voltage communication cables to supply smart home devices and systems. If you’re building a new home, you’ll want to add the correct wiring that modern homeowners will use for home audio, surveillance, smart control, projectors, video distribution, and the home network. Let’s explore some areas where prewiring is beneficial.


Audio Distribution

If your clients want the best of the best, that will likely include multi-room speakers to enjoy music throughout the house. This consists of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers or a home theater setup. For the highest quality audio, design control, and a future-proofed home, we recommend prewiring. Volume controls and keypads can be wired into the walls, and your clients will enjoy a sleek aesthetic without bulky speakers taking up space.   


Smart Surveillance

We wire for security cameras for the same reason to run ethernet jacks to the TV. With video, it is not ideal to rely on Wi-Fi. If your client ever loses internet connection, their system will be compromised and won’t be recording for suspicious activity. Wi-Fi security devices typically need a plug to power them, which is much less secure and less convenient. For the safest choice, wire for your client’s security system.


Lighting Systems

It is not detrimental to prewire for smart lighting, as many light switches can be simply changed to smart light switches. However, we prewire for smart lighting for aesthetic and design purposes. If there are areas of the home with lots of lights, there will be many switches that clutter the wall and cause confusion. You can prewire for panelized smart lights to avoid a cumbersome number of switches.



A stable internet connection is one of the most central aspects of the modern home.  When someone moves into a new house, assembling the internet is one of the first things that is done, likely before unpacking. Yet we don’t build our houses with this staple in mind. For a wide range and bandwidth that reaches the entire house, we run cables throughout the home for wireless access points (WAPs) and ethernet jacks to specific devices. That way, the home network reliably connects to the entire smart system.


Could your architectural project use a home prewiring installation? Call The Integrated Home at (704) 412-4040 or submit an online form here to get started.

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