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Update Your Charlotte Home with These Three Trends

The trajectory for 2017 is quite clear: voice control will become the new way to manage your home. Energy management systems will also become even more of a priority and 4K technology will continue to grow in popularity. Is you smart home ready for these updates? It’s possible that you need a professional to come in and replace some of the devices you’re currently using to support certain technologies. Keep reading this blog to discover the possibilities for 2017 smart home updates

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Voice Control

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Top 3 Benefits of a Whole House Video System

Top 3 Benefits of a Whole House Video System

Some people believe that the best feature of a media room or custom home theater is the picture quality, or the audio.  While those are certainly the standard, and some of the most fun aspects, we’d like to inform you about the additional perks of having a whole house video system in your Charlotte, North Carolina home.  From simplifying controls, organizing all of your content, and streaming media to any location, The Integrated Home, as your local residential AV installer, knows exactly how to create the best home entertainment system.  

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#1 Reduce clutter.

When you work with our team, you have the advantage of getting rid of clutter and organizing all of your different media devices. We’ll place streaming players, cable boxes, Blu-ray players and more in a storage area so that it’s out of sight and won’t disrupt your beautiful home decor. Our crew installs professional equipment racks, which are efficient and neatly organized so your wires are never a mess. Instead of purchasing five Blu-ray players for all your spaces with TVs, you can just use one and distribute the same movie throughout your home. For example, you can play the same movie on all the screens, or play the basketball game on one, a movie on a second, and a TV show on another. It’s up to you to choose which sources you like, and it’s up to us to make it simple and effective.

#2 Pick up where you left off in any room.

One of the great features of using Control4 products is easily switching content between rooms. For example, you’ll be able to start a movie in the bedroom, pause it, and then pick up exactly where you left off in the living room. Control4 has different high-definition video distribution switches and controllers to fit the size of your property. So it doesn’t matter if you have 15 TV’s or three, we have the perfect equipment to meet your needs.

#3 Simplify your controls.

Do you like pressing buttons or swiping screens? Whether you prefer to select a show on a tablet, or choose a channel with buttons, we have plenty of options suited for your personal style.  For example, Control4 has a universal remote that not only displays your favorite channels on an HD display, but also includes back-lit buttons you can press. It also allows you to control your shades, climate, lights, and security system. Control coffee table clutter, and get rid of those extra apps too with the SR-260 handheld remotes.  Extremely light weight, these remotes have an incredibly fast response time. You’ll be able to set the thermostat, turn on CNN, and lower the shades with the same intuitive device.

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