Update Your Charlotte Home with These Three Trends

The trajectory for 2017 is quite clear: voice control will become the new way to manage your home. Energy management systems will also become even more of a priority and 4K technology will continue to grow in popularity. Is you smart home ready for these updates? It’s possible that you need a professional to come in and replace some of the devices you’re currently using to support certain technologies. Keep reading this blog to discover the possibilities for 2017 smart home updates

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Voice Control

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Tailor Your Lake Norman Home for the Holidays with a Control4 Dealer

Tailor Your Lake Norman Home for the Holidays with a Control4 Dealer

The holidays can be both the most enjoyable and stressful times of the year. Whether you are hosting parties or attending them, these next few months can get quite hectic. But thankfully, smart home automation can help keep you organized and relaxed as you prepare. As a Control4 dealer in the Lake Norman, NC area, The Integrated Home has the advantage of customizing your home exactly as you like it. Once all of the home technology is in place, the only thing left to do is figure out how to use it to your advantage on a regular basis. Today we have some tips on how to use your Control4 system to enhance your holiday meal preparation, or entertain guests.

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Customize Your Kitchen Lighting

If you’re on turkey duty for Thanksgiving, or baking cookies for Christmas or Hanukah, then you definitely need a well-lit and equipped kitchen. A common problem for many homes is that the lighting isn’t evenly distributed. The lights are either placed in inconvenient areas causing some areas to be brighter than others, or the lighting fixtures aren’t capable of producing the type of lighting you need to see well. With Control4 lighting, you’ll not only get an even distribution of light, but you’ll also be able to control the lighting levels and quality by choosing LEDs over standard bulbs for example. You can also create “kitchen” or “cooking” scenes with your smart home system so that every feature in the kitchen creates an environment conducive to making a good meal. You can include music, a TV, or temperature in your scene so that all you have to do is press one button on your tablet, phone, or keypad on the wall and you’re ready to get working. For example, label your scene, “cooking” and pick a comfortable temperature so that the area doesn’t get overheated while the oven and stove top is going, a festive music playlist to get you in the mood, and then play the Food Network Channel so you can watch what the chef is going as you make your dish.

Automate Your Entertainment

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3 Tips on How to Enhance Interior Design With Automated Lighting

3 Tips on How to Enhance Interior Design With Automated Lighting

There are a lot of elements involved in interior design, such as wall color, furniture pieces, accent art, and layout. But have you ever considered how lighting plays a part in creating a beautiful home? Talk to any interior designer, and they'll tell you that lighting is a huge factor in planning out the right home design. The reasoning is that lighting affects our mood, the way we see things, and also affects how we function on a daily basis. Keep reading to discover our tips on how lighting can play a part in creating a beautiful ambiance in your Lake Norman residence, or anywhere in North Carolina.

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Include Decorative & Accent Lighting

When you hire The Integrated Home to integrate and coordinate your lighting, we go above and beyond to make your home look as beautiful as possible. We work with top-rated interior designers, electricians, and sub-contractors to create the perfect lighting scheme. Our team and partners can strategically place your lights in the right spots to not only illuminate your spaces but also highlight and complement décor. For example, a chandelier or intricate lighting fixture hanging above your dining room table is a decorative light that brings the theme of the room together while also providing a nice ambiance for a relaxing meal. Dimmers help you create the right ambiance by brightening the room for a fun game night, or lowering it for a romantic date night. We can also install special lighting around art work, like paintings and sculptures to bring attention to the detail in the artist's work. With a smart system, you can even hit a button on your mobile device to enact certain scenes when the time is right. Having cocktails with new friends? Hit "entertain" and all the lights highlight your beautiful art collection. We'll work with you to create the right lighting scheme that works best for every room.

Choose the Right Type of Light

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The Integrated Home Takes Home Lighting to the Next Level with Automation

Lighting is such an essential part of your home; the right levels can set the perfect mood and the right switch can make managing your home easier. The Integrated Home, in partnership with Lutron, has a myriad of options for you when it comes to style and controls. Here are a few features we don’t want you to miss out on.

  1. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting accounts for about 15% of your electricity use at home. Leaving lights on when not in use can affect your utility bills and wastes our planet’s resources. Our team can help you set up an energy-saving strategy with your lighting controls by timing the lights to go on or off, installing motion sensors and dimmers.
  2. Whether you are leaving the house for work, or are going to the Outer Banks on vacation, a control system can help you save time managing your household while you’re on the go. Simply press a button on your phone or iPad that says “Away” or “Vacation Mode” and every light in the house goes off, or can be dimmed to a low level. It’s convenient and energy-conscious.
  3. Motion sensors remember to turn off the lights for you. When a sensor detects that a person has left the room, the lights automatically go off. In contrast, if your spouse comes home late, he or she can easily see to get in when a light on the front porch turns on overhead. This technology helps you move throughout the house with ease as you don’t have to reach for switches if you are carrying items, and it will also saves energy in the process.
  4. Lastly, dimmers help you save energy and also keep you comfortable at the same time. You can use a keypad on the wall to reduce the lighting to an appropriate level or adjust it remotely on your smartphone. Dimmers can create a different mood in the room, reduce glare on your screens, and take some dollars off that utility bill.

As you can see, lighting control has so many benefits. You won’t waste time trying to figure out which switch on the wall turns on the kitchen light, or leave lights on all day in the family room. Your control system can automatically turn the lights off for you, or you can manage the settings yourself throughout the day.

Interested in the many benefits of lighting control with Lutron and The Integrated Home? Contact us to learn more!

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