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3 New Control4 Smart Features Your Clients Will Love


Integrate Home Automation That Never Stops Improving in Your Projects

If you’re a designer, architect, or builder, you know your trade, but you might not always know the latest and greatest in smart home automation. But, of course, you don't have to; that's why The Integrated Home is here to help with that. You want to know how to incorporate the smart home features your clients want within your projects seamlessly.

We are a Control4 dealer and integrator for a reason – it's a complete smart home platform that's been continuously upgraded and improved ever since its launch in 2004. When working with design and build professionals such as yourselves, we recommend Control4 as the system for bringing together all the functions of today's smart homes into one easy-to-use solution. With that in mind, we thought you might like to know of three new features recently added to Control4's repertoire that your clients in Charlotte, NC, would enjoy.

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Smart, Elegant Lighting Keypads

Control4 is rolling out new keypad lighting controls called Contemporary Lighting. These keypads will have the modern, sophisticated design your clients want in their smart home. With intelligent backlighting, excellent tactile feel, and ten beautiful finishes, they will bring both form and function to your projects. Your clients will love smart features like a button that glows green when the garage door is closed and red when it's not – making it easy to check at the end of the day. Control4's powerful automation programming also lets these keypads start music, pause the TV, adjust the temperature and, of course – control lighting!

Software Updates

Today’s smart systems are software-driven, and entirely new capabilities can come to a smart home via a software download. Often, it's the details in these updates that add extremely welcome enhancements. For example, if you like Night Mode on Apple products and similar features on smartphones, laptops, and tablets, your clients will love that it's now available on Control4 T3 and T4 Touchscreens. An overly bright interface can be annoying on a tabletop or wall-mounted touchscreen in a dimmed room, so Night Mode makes smart control easier on the eyes.

Do your clients like to customize their sound? Control4 has brought sound EQ to their whole-home audio systems, so homeowners can customize loudness, bass, treble, and other frequencies in each zone where they listen. Clients can tailor the sound to the music and switch between presets when they want to rock to 70s rock or mellow out with soulful jazz at lower volumes.

High-Resolution Audio

Continuing with sound quality, Control4 has upped the ante in whole-home audio quality with support for MQA high-resolution audio.  MQA is an innovative new format developed to make it easier to stream lossless, high-resolution audio – better than CD quality – to compatible audio equipment. The "A" in MQA stands for authenticated, which means that the high-quality audio track is the authentic original recording, just as the artist intended. Your audiophile clients will love the convenience of effortless whole-home sound combined with the clean, uncluttered look of architectural speakers while sacrificing nothing in sound quality.

Partner with The Integrated Home in Charlotte, NC for smart home solutions that your clients will love. Reach out to us by calling 704-412-4040, filling out an online form, or connecting with us instantly by clicking the chat window below. We look forward to working with you!   

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