A Marriage Made in Voice-Control Heaven – Josh.ai and Control4


What Do You Get When You Put Two Power Players in Home Automation Together?

Barack and Michelle. Mark and Priscilla. Beyonce and JayZ. Josh.ai and Control4. What do all these have in common? They’re all power couples, and together they’re a force to be reckoned with. In the case of Josh.ai and Control4, they’re not people but smart home control systems.

Announced in late 2021, the partnership between Josh.ai and Control4 paired power players in smart home technology – the innovative voice control of the Josh.ai system and Control4, a leader in smart home control and automation. What does this mean for you? If you like to control your Charlotte, NC, home with just your voice, this power couple will make you into a power player at home.

Keep reading below to learn more about powerful, intuitive, and private voice control with Josh.ai and Control4.

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Elevate Your Lighting Control with the New Control4 Contemporary Keypads


Add the Smart Keypad Your Smart Home Deserves

Control4 has been in the home automation business since 2004. With installations in over 350,000 homes, homeowners have enjoyed the benefits of Control4’s integrated smart home platforms that help manage lighting, climate, motorized window treatments, security, and much more.

Are you a Control4 homeowner? Maybe you have enjoyed the benefits of integrated control of a media room, home theater, or even your pool equipment. Control4 is always improving and adding new devices and features. One of the latest features is the new Contemporary smart lighting keypad, which works not just with Control4 lighting control systems but also with almost any other device that works with Control4 systems. By the way, at last count, that was over 13,000 devices! We're excited to tell you more about the Contemporary keypads and how they can elevate your Charlotte, NC smart home. Keep reading below!

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3 New Control4 Smart Features Your Clients Will Love


Integrate Home Automation That Never Stops Improving in Your Projects

If you’re a designer, architect, or builder, you know your trade, but you might not always know the latest and greatest in smart home automation. But, of course, you don't have to; that's why The Integrated Home is here to help with that. You want to know how to incorporate the smart home features your clients want within your projects seamlessly.

We are a Control4 dealer and integrator for a reason – it's a complete smart home platform that's been continuously upgraded and improved ever since its launch in 2004. When working with design and build professionals such as yourselves, we recommend Control4 as the system for bringing together all the functions of today's smart homes into one easy-to-use solution. With that in mind, we thought you might like to know of three new features recently added to Control4's repertoire that your clients in Charlotte, NC, would enjoy.

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Designers: Showcase Your Projects in the Perfect Light with Lighting Control


Elevate Your Interior Designs with Smart Lighting

Lighting should be an integral part of interior design. As a design professional, you already know that. But how many projects have you encountered where lighting design has been an afterthought? The lighting may have been functional, but it did little to enhance the home’s aesthetics.

As a designer, you know that making every space look its absolute best depends on lighting as a design component, whether by day or night. You also understand how a room can be transformed from drab to delightful with the right lighting. As experienced home technology integrators in Charlotte, NC, we want to give you another tool in your design bag for showcasing your designs – lighting control systems. Keep reading to see how smart lighting can elevate your next project.

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3 Ways a Control4 System Can Transform Your Charlotte, NC Home

It’s simple: a Control4 system is easy to use, fun for the whole family and practical in every situation. We’re frequently asked why we are a Control4 integrator and why it is our number-one smart home automation system of choice, so we’ve decided to provide our top three reasons of what makes Control4 so great for The Integrated Home and the families in Charlotte, North Carolina we serve every day. Here is our list, focusing on ways the Control4 system can enhance your home:

1.       Control4 Brings the Family Together

Control4 is known for simple, user-friendly interfaces. That means that your kids have command of the entertainment center when they get home from school. And your technology-phobic grandparents won’t have any trouble accessing the lighting controls in any room of the home. Gather the whole family in the home theater for an unforgettable movie night. Use a single device to dim the lights, raise the volume on the surround sound system, select and start the feature presentation. With Control4 integrated into your home, all the control is at the fingertips of your entire family.

2.       It’s a Scalable System

Smart automation is not a monolith – each component is capable of functioning on its own, as well as a with other subsystems. That means that you don’t have to start large to step into the world of integrated technology. Featuring both wired and wireless installation options, Contro4 is very scalable. Pick a room you want to invest in first, and then add on later. For example, craft the automated kitchen of your dreams. Let music from your Sonos system envelope you as you prepare an elegant meal for the family. Follow recipes as they appear on your smart television, unobtrusively installed behind a cabinet façade. Then call the family into the dining room via an HD intercom when it’s time to eat. Once you experience and understand the benefits of Control4 within your kitchen, you can easily expand the experience by installing more smart components throughout your home using your existing network infrastructure.

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