A Marriage Made in Voice-Control Heaven – Josh.ai and Control4


What Do You Get When You Put Two Power Players in Home Automation Together?

Barack and Michelle. Mark and Priscilla. Beyonce and JayZ. Josh.ai and Control4. What do all these have in common? They’re all power couples, and together they’re a force to be reckoned with. In the case of Josh.ai and Control4, they’re not people but smart home control systems.

Announced in late 2021, the partnership between Josh.ai and Control4 paired power players in smart home technology – the innovative voice control of the Josh.ai system and Control4, a leader in smart home control and automation. What does this mean for you? If you like to control your Charlotte, NC, home with just your voice, this power couple will make you into a power player at home.

Keep reading below to learn more about powerful, intuitive, and private voice control with Josh.ai and Control4.

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Why Josh.ai is the Superior Choice for Voice Control in a Smart Home


“OK Josh, dim the lights 30 percent.” 

Are you ready to go hands-free in your automated home? One of the most convenient ways to control speakers, thermostats, smart lighting, and more is through voice command. When paired with a smart system like Control4 or Lutron,your voice assistant can do much more than change a song or tell you the weather. Tell it to lower the blinds, and in seconds, your motorized shades will lower

There are many players in the voice control field. But one voice stands out among them all—Josh.ai. Built specifically for smart home integration, discover what makes Josh the superior option for your modern Charlotte, NC, home. 

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How to Control Your Automated Home With Natural Speech


Introducing Josh.ai, the Voice Control That Understands You

We've discussed how voice control adds another dimension to home automation in your Charlotte, NC home. Systems like Amazon Alexa add hands and eyes-free control to all the capabilities of your smart home.

If there’s one knock on these popular systems, it’s that sometimes you have to say things a certain way to be understood. It’s frustrating when your hands are full, you need to turn on a light, and you have to repeat a voice command.

Undoubtedly, these systems are continually learning and get better all the time. But there is one that has been designed from the start to make it easier to control your home with just your voice – Josh.ai. Keep reading to learn more about this new and innovative approach to voice control.

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Update Your Charlotte Home with These Three Trends

The trajectory for 2017 is quite clear: voice control will become the new way to manage your home. Energy management systems will also become even more of a priority and 4K technology will continue to grow in popularity. Is you smart home ready for these updates? It’s possible that you need a professional to come in and replace some of the devices you’re currently using to support certain technologies. Keep reading this blog to discover the possibilities for 2017 smart home updates

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Voice Control

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Enhance Your Home’s Sound with Whole House Audio

If you’re looking to make an upgrade to your home, your audio equipment is a good place to start. Many advancements are being made in whole house audio, so there is plenty of opportunity to enhance your Charlotte, NC home.

In this blog, we will look at some of the audio technology that is getting attention for its functionality and convenience.

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Voice Control

Lose the fumbling with remotes and smart devices. Multi-task by controlling your home audio with your voice while you tend to other tasks around the house.

Voice control is growing in popularity and getting smarter every day. It’s a useful feature to manage what music you want playing throughout your home at any moment. Access music from a streaming service like Spotify or Pandora, or from your own library when you sync it with your system.

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3 Ways to Use Voice Control in Your Smart Home

3 Ways to Use Voice Control in Your Smart Home

Amazon’s voice control devices the Echo, Dot and Tap are dominating the voice control market space according to an article on Fortune.com. Amazon has reported they have sold more than 10 million Alexa-powered devices since its inception in 2015. However, adding the Echo to your home doesn’t automatically turn it into a smart home. You need a full smart home installation and Alexa to make true automation possible. Our partner Control4 was one of the first to integrate Alexa in smart homes.  In this blog, we'll show you how easy it is to enjoy integrated voice control with your smart home system in your Charlotte, NC property.

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Your Personal Voice Assistant

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