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Createthe Perfect Atmosphere in One Press of a Button 

Lighting can make or break any mood or activity. If that sounds dramatic,imagine your favorite restaurant for romantic dinnersNow picture it with bright, cool lighting flooding every room. Not as cozy anymore, right? You’d probably pick a different restaurant for date night altogether. 

If you want to customize the mood of your home’s lighting, usually your only option is to unscrew bulbs and install new ones. But with smartlighting control systems like Control4, you’re free to adjust the lights’ appearance, schedule when they turn on and off, and activate the entire house with one tap of a button. 

Smart lighting lets homeowners automate how, when, and where their lights appear. Whether you’re already a Control4 household or you’re curious about smart lighting control, read on to see how it works and willenhance Charlotte, NC, home.

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How to: Install Control4 Lighting 

Controlcan sync all of your technology (lights, audio, TVs, security, and more) into one system, making it complex to install. You can’t order a device and simply plug it in,expecting to have a full-fledged smart home the same day. However, a Control4 dealer (like our smart home professionals in Charlotte) can install a beautifully built system for you in one of two ways.

The first way is through ‘centralized lighting,’ which connects lights to a central location (like a breaker panel) and then is hardwired to the controller, the ‘brain’ of your smart home. Centralized lighting makes the most sense for new property builds or renovations while walls are under construction. 

The second method is wireless lighting, which we mainly install for retrofit projects. Wireless lighting still uses the same wires that run to your light switches, but your switches are replaced with a smart switch or keypad that wirelessly communicates with the hub controller. 

How to: Control Your Lighting 

Lighting control options are almost limitless with Control4. Sleek, custom keypads let you tap ‘Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ for the perfect brightness levels and color temperature. On the app, press ‘Shades’ and watch your motorized shades lower across the house or in a specific room. Fine-tune the color of your lights and save a scene for ‘Movie Time’ that makes your theater lighting look ‘just right.

Automation takes control out of your hands, too. Motion detectors can illuminate your driveway as you pull in, and closet lights automatically turn on when you open the door. Control4 can schedule lights to turn off automatically when you leave for work, so a stray bulb is never accidentally left on. 

And with your favorite voice assistant like Alexa, Google Home, or, your entire property’s lights can be controlled hands-free. If you prefer using remotes, Control4’s Neeo remote combines hard buttons and a touch screen to intuitively access lighting alongside your favorite music and TV services, temperature controls, fans, security devices, and more. 

How to: Blend into Your Interior 

Say goodbye to flicking switches on and off, searching for the right one. Control4’s sleek and modern wall panels consolidate all your switches into one and are available in many colors and finishesOne keypad can access multiple lights in multiple rooms or may turn on preset scenes for your lights, speakers, screens, and more. 

How to: Add Smart Lighting to Your Home 

Are you interested in lighting control systems? You can learn more about home automation and lighting in our blog series here

And if you’re ready to take the first step for your Charlotte propertycontact The Integrated Home here. We’d be happy to address any of your questions about Control4 or smart lighting and help you build a system customized to your lifestyle. 

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