Product Spotlight: Step Inside the Movie Action With Triad Speakers


When it comes to home theater speakers, Triad delivers audio that makes you feel like you’re in the center of the action

Brands like Triad make our job as an integrator significantly easier when we’re designing a dedicated theater for your home in Cornelius, NC. While our expert technicians handle designing, installing and calibrating your audio system, Triad home theater speakers deliver a superb audio experience with unbelievable sound that brings every film to life.

All Triad speakers are custom-manufactured in the U.S., out of the company’s Portland, OR, facility. These high-end speakers are only available for purchase through trusted dealers like The Integrated Home. Keep reading to learn why you should consider Triad speakers for your home theater audio system.


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Incredible Surround-Sound

First and foremost, Triad speakers deliver an incredible surround-sound listening experience in your home theater. The loudspeakers are made with the highest-quality materials and components to produce high-fidelity sound in any application. Premium drivers expertly generate crisp, clear audio at low, mid-range and high-frequency levels. A sealed-box design for home theater speakers ensures tighter, more precise sound reproduction and isolation.

Triad speakers have solutions for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D for an immersive and dynamic listening experience that places you right in the center of the action of your favorite films. All Triad speakers are tested in-house before shipment, making them an extremely reliable speaker solution. 

Complete Customization

Every Triad speaker is built-to-order in the company’s Portland facility. From an integrator’s standpoint, that gives us the ability to focus entirely on designing a system that will deliver the optimal sound performance in your home theater.  

Complete customization gives you — the end-user — nearly unlimited flexibility in choosing speakers that match your preferred aesthetic or design principles. Triad can custom manufacture speakers with different sizes, shapes, paint colors and veneers. If you’ve already made interior design choices, you can even send in a color swatch or paint sample, and Triad will build speakers that match the rest of the room.  

We’ve found that many homeowners don’t want the audio components to draw attention away from other design elements in a beautifully crafted private theater. Triad offers hidden in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeaker options with paint-matched grilles that blend seamlessly into the room.

Now that you’re sold on Triad speakers let’s discuss how we’re going to build them into your dream home theater design. The Integrated Home experts specialize in designing and installing custom home theaters with the highest-quality AV equipment, ambient lighting, comfortable seating and centralized control. Call us or fill out a contact form to discuss your home theater options in Cornelius, NC. 

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