Designing a Home Theater? Mix Style & Quality With CinemaTech Seating


Theater Seating for Any Client’s Tastes

So, your interior design clients want to build a home theater. There are countless elements to consider: the room layout for wiring, screen size and materials, and surround sound speakers. The display and audio components can be quite complicated (and luckily, a home theater professional can help). But then comes the fun part: home theater seating.

As private cinema installers in Charlotte, NC, we trust CinemaTech for its variety of theater seating options. Find out why we love CinemaTech and how you can design for the best below.

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Choose Quality Theater Furniture

Have you ever been to a movie theater chain and felt like the chairs were used and worn out? With CinemaTech furniture, your clients can use their seats for years without noticing any wear. CinemaTech, a manufacturer of home theater seating, is known for its durable and intricately made furniture. Its handmade ACT 1 seating requires 13 to 15 weeks to be handsewn with double-needle stitching by German artisans, and its fabric and leather craftsmen have an average of 15 years of experience.

You’ll have your choice between quality leathers, suedes, cashmere, and wools to ‘wow’ your clients. Plus, all seats, even the vintage-inspired Paramount, include USB ports. With the choice between silver, bronze, or black cupholders, you always have style alongside convenience.


Find the Perfect Aesthetic

No matter your client’s tastes, CinemaTech builds a variety of seating for any interior. In media rooms or communal spaces, their motorized sectional seating will bring the family together, whether it’s the sleek Estrella or casual-cool Sonoma design.

For individual theater seats, the 1920s-style Paramount seating delivers the perfect amount of nostalgia, while the modern Valentino seats are slender yet plush and comfortable.


Where to Install Seating?

Most people think you should pick the screen first, then seating. But actually, it’s important to determine how much space there is for seating and where it will go, then choose the display size. That way, the screen is not overwhelmingly large in relation to the seats.

As home theater professionals, we know that all theater designs should account for sightlines. All viewers’ eye level should be within 15 degrees of the center of the screen, so no one is straining their necks.



Looking for high-quality home theater components to add to your interior design projects? Need installation assistance? Contact The Integrated Home to get started.

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