Virtually Travel the World’s Golf Courses With GolfZon


Practice Your Swing on More Than190 Real Courses With a Golf Simulator

With the global pandemic still in full force, people are traveling less and avoiding large gatherings. If you planned a year of travel and golf, this will feel like a major loss. Even if you can still visit your local green, there’s something special about vacationing with your clubs.  

Luckily, today’s smart technology has become so advanced that a golf simulator makes a fair substitute. GolfZon’s home golf simulator lets you swing with real-life precision that can transfer skills from the screen to the real green, and its virtual courses replicate actual locations worldwide. Read on to learn more about the maps and courses you can step into from your Lake Norman, NC, home.

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Virtual Courses: North America

With the GolfZon VISION software connected to your system, console, and keyboard, you’ll choose from 190 real courses each time you play. From the USA, you can virtually play on famous greens like The PGA National in Florida, Pebble Beach in California, Bethpage State Park in New York, and Cog Hill in Illinois. Then swing on Canada’s famous Angus Glen course north of Toronto and next, Mexico’s Mayakoba El Camaleón by the ocean.


Virtual Courses: Europe

You probably aren’t flying to Europe anytime soon, but you can golf anywhere from Russia to Spain in the comfort of your home—with air conditioning. Enjoy breathtaking visuals that replicate Scotland’s St. Andrew’s Links, regarded as the ‘Home of Golf” where it’s been played since the 15th century. Then play on France’s Evian Resort Golf Club, overlooking Lake Geneva. 


Virtual Courses: Asia

Work on lowering your handicap across the globe at one of the numerous Asian GolfZon courses. ‘Travel’ to the High1 Resort in South Korea, the Hong Kong Eden in China, the Fuji Classic in Japan, or numerous courses in Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia. GolfZon’s lifelike 3D graphics and precise details are like a teleportation device to the world’s best golf courses. You’ll be able to experience overseas courses that otherwise, you might never have seen.


On the Course: GolfZon Mapping

When it’s time to hit the real course, you can take GolfZon with you. Its SMART CADDIE smartwatch application provides a course view and green map for over 40,000 courses worldwide. You can take a peek at hazards and bunkers to strategically target the game, viewing the course overhead on an interactive map. Almost 16,000 golf courses in the USA have accompanying Course View—it’s very likely that your favorite course is already on it.


Are you ready for a high-end golf simulator like GolfZon, used by professionals worldwide? If you’re located in or near Lake Norman, NC, The Integrated Home is your destination for a simulator installation. Contact us here to get started today.  


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