Serious about Golf? Keep Up Your Game this Winter with a Golf Simulator


Neither Wind, Rain, nor Cold Will Keep You from Your Golf

Golf is an interesting game. Some people only casually get into it. But for many, the game has an addictive quality. And for some, it becomes an obsession. Thankfully, as long as golf addiction or obsession doesn’t interfere with daily life, it’s all good!

If the colder North Carolina weather or rain puts a damper on your golf obsession, we have a solution – a home golf simulator. With the quality of today’s simulators, it’s like having your own indoor golf course. Actually, more than one, as you can virtually play on some of the best courses from around the world.

If you’re serious about golf, keep reading to see why you’ll want to add a golf simulator to your Charlotte home for this winter season.

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Hyper-Realistic Golf

We work with Golfzon for home (and commercial) golf simulators, and they are the best in the business. In fact, Golfzon has made Golf digest’s list of best golf simulators for the past five years. Golfzon uses innovative technology to create a virtual golf experience so realistic that you might forget you're playing at home. One of those innovations is the moving swing plate that lets you hit uphill, downhill, and sidehill, just like on an actual course. It’s not all smooth turf either. Golfzon simulates roughs and sand to test your skill as you play the virtual course. For convenience, the auto-tee feature tees you up automatically, so you can focus on your shot-making and technique.

Over 190 Golf Courses to Play

How many people get to play 190 golf courses in their lifetime? You can with Golfzon. The company maps each course with meticulous attention to detail. The mapping team visits each course and photographs it from the ground and from the air via drone. Aerial drone photography helps with virtualizing shot tracking, while still photography creates realistic views of what the golf course looks like to the player. They collect detailed topographical information using displacement images with elevation data and high-resolution photos of the course. Then, the trees, grass, stone, hole locations, and other details are mapped. All that information is utilized by Golfzon programmers to bring the course to life in 3D for an amazingly realistic playing experience. Not only are the visuals realistic, but so are the atmospheric conditions. If a course is windy like Pebble Beach, the ball plays that way just as if you were there. To keep things fresh, Golfzon aims to add ten new courses a year to the virtual collection.

Fun for the Whole Family

A home golf simulator isn't just for fanatics. The immersive screen and virtual-reality experience can be enjoyed by other members of the family. Golfzon Arcade games like Darts and Blocks are like having the fun of TopGolf games at home. Anyone can enjoy trying to hit the dartboard with a golf ball or playing a Candy Crush-like game with a golf twist. It's a great way to introduce your kids and family to your favorite game. Who knows, maybe they'll become as obsessed as you. What better way to enjoy golf than with those you care about most?


Are you ready to enjoy golf anytime you want in the comfort of your Charlotte home? Contact The Integrated Home in Charlotte, NC, today by calling 704-412-4040 or filling out an online form. You can also connect with us instantly by clicking the chat window below!

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