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Architectural Speakers Your Clients Will Hear but Not See

As a design or build professional, you’re always looking for a discreet way to incorporate the latest AV and technology that doesn’t interfere with design and style. For many years, architectural speakers have provided good sound quality with a modest appearance that didn’t stand out. 

But what if you have a discerning client, one who demands high-performance audio that’s practically invisible? It might seem like a tall order, but that’s exactly what you’ll get from Sonance and James speakers. Sonance is a longtime pioneer in architectural audio, and recently the company joined forces with James, bringing a new level of audio performance to architectural speakers. Discover more about these two high-end solutions for your Charlotte, NC projects by reading below. 

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The Sonance Invisible Series

As the name implies, Sonance developed the Invisible Speaker Series for those adamant about hiding their speakers, but not the sound. The current models are the second generation of these speakers, with a host of improvements for better sound quality and an easier installation to blend seamlessly into walls and finishes. For example, a Wave Flex drive unit improves the performance of midrange and high frequencies, and the uniquely designed Air Flex woofer uses a pocket of air and a piston-like diaphragm for enhanced bass. The result is surprisingly robust sound from a speaker requiring only a few short inches of mounting depth in the wall. 

One of the defining features of the Invisible Series is that it can be finished over with paint or other wall finishes. The grill-less design is designed to hide in the wall, but crisp, clear, and impactful sound will be heard and felt. For even more bass, you can add a subwoofer from two available models. The Invisible subs mount with less than four inches of wall depth for deep bass with no bulky boxes in sight! 

James Small Aperture Speakers

The James Small Aperture Series is a distinctly different design take on inconspicuous sound. Rather than complete invisibility, the small apertures (openings) start at three inches to integrate discreetly with ceiling lights. Slim square and round grill styles match the typical ambient ceiling lighting for a look that calls attention to itself. The flush mount speaker grills can be powder coated to match the ceiling color and can even mate with wood or metal finishes by hiding behind perforations. 

The real magic is what's behind the Small Aperture speaker's demure façade. Three-way speaker designs feature full-range sound, as James integrates a mini-subwoofer along with a separate mid-range and tweeter for rich, full audio performance. To match ceiling can apertures in larger spaces, James also offers 7-inch square or 9.5-inch round models that feature 8-inch subwoofers and a larger midrange for more powerful sound. For even more bass, James also offers a separate subwoofer with a small 4-inch aperture. All the speakers are housed in a self-contained box with a unique acoustic design that installs neatly between standard stud construction. 


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