Invisible Speakers: Combining Multi-Room Music with Interior Design


How to Design with Sonance’s New Invisible Series Speakers 

You’ve planned the wall colors, carpets, artwork, and furniture in a client’s homeSo where are you supposed to fit in a multi-room music system? 

If you’re an interior designer, factoring technology into your projects can be a headache. You don’t want wires or bulky gadgets distracting from the aesthetic you’ve cultivated. Luckily, that’s where invisible audiosaves the designer’s day. 

Sonance’s new Invisible Series speakers provide an all-new way to look at home audio. Your clients can enjoy robust, high-fidelity sound like they would with any audiophile-approved speakers—without tech in sight. Read on to learn what invisible audio is, how it will work, and how you can incorporate it in your Cornelius, NC, design projects.  

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Hidden Audio vs. Invisible Audio 

The two terms may sound the same, but hidden audio and invisible audio actually mean different things. Hidden audio is installed within the walls or ceiling, but the actual speakers are covered with a circular or square grille that can be painted over. They’re hardly distracting,but speaker grilles are just as noticeable as recessed lighting or a wall vent. 

Alternatively, invisible audio is “designed to disappear” according to Sonance, ourrenowned high-end speaker brand partnerSpeakers are installed behind walls and finished over with a flat surface that blends in seamlessly

How We Install Invisible Multi-Room Music

The best time to install invisible speakers is during a new home build or retrofit. We start by cutting a rectangle into the drywall. We run speaker wire through the walls into the speaker and reinforce the space with wooden blocks. We place a sound-isolating enclosure behind the speaker in the wall, securing it with screws. 

Once the speaker is in place and covered, we use a depth gauge and embedded locator discs to measure the thickness of a finish over a Sonance Invisible Speaker. We’ll then fill in any gaps on the wall, apply a topping compound, and feather and blend it into the wall. Multiple layers of paint can evenly achieve a shadowless blend, so no hint of a speaker is detectable. 

Where to Find the Sonance Invisible Series in North Carolina 

Sonance’s Invisible Series is a breakthrough in installation and sound quality for invisible audio. If you’re looking for their speaker solutions near Cornelius, NC, The Integrated Home is your destination. We’re a certified Sonance dealer who also designs and installs systems for designers, builders, and architects. 

Contact our team to learn more about hidden and invisible speaker installations. We look forward to speaking with you! 

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