Product Spotlight: Monitor Audio


Bring These Innovative Speakers to Your Whole-House Audio System

At The Integrated Home, we work with a variety of innovative technologies to bring our customers the best in audio and video entertainment. That’s why we love working with Monitor Audio products when designing and installing whole-house audio systems.

Monitor Audio is a British company known for hi-fi loudspeaker designs, offering more than 40 years of stereo, surround sound, and architectural speakers to clients across the globe. The brand continually innovates the industry and is the world expert in metal dome driver development, whereas many other companies use plastic or paper because it’s easier to shape.

Read on below to learn about a few of Monitor Audio’s innovative offerings and why they’d fit perfectly into any room of your Charlotte, NC home.


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Architectural Speakers

Architectural speakers are perfect because they can seamlessly integrate into the modern smart home. These speakers install directly into your ceiling or wall, practically disappearing and taking up no floor space like a traditional speaker. There’s no need to worry about speaker finishes that clash with your interior design motif, either, because the speaker grilles are paintable.

These low-profile speakers can still let you enjoy music boldly throughout your whole house and will last for many years to come. No matter which room of your Charlotte-area house you are in – the kitchen, media room, or bedroom – rest assured the IDC midrange drivers and Tri-Grip fixing system will maximize bass response and mid-range clarity. The faceplate surface is paintable to blend with your home’s design, as well.


IDC Technology

IDC - Inverted dual concentric – midrange/tweeter modules placed in the Monitor Audio LRC architectural speakers offer up to 18 degrees of play, allowing for discreet positioning and maximum performance. By directing play towards the listening location, the audio in your home is more flexible.


Custom Subwoofers

With architectural speaker systems, a subwoofer is still needed to offer a tremendous bass experience. Monitor Audio offers a variety of compact subwoofer options that are custom to your needs.

The IWS-10 has a rigid, 10-inch surface with a large vented pole that increases heat dissipation and reduces power compression, plus it is in-wall or in-ceiling mountable with a paintable trimless grille and frame, blending seamlessly just like the architectural speakers. Other subwoofer options include compact cube styles with explosive bass that can be hidden behind furniture or in another room, away from the speakers.


Monitor Audio offers a variety of speakers, subwoofers, soundbars, and more to create beautiful music in every room of your home. If you’re looking for a high-performance audio solution for your Charlotte-area home, contact The Integrated Home today to get started on your customized system.

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