Deliver Pristine Music Throughout Your Home with Whole-Home Audio

A home’s living area with a couch, table, and in-ceiling speakers.

Enjoy High-Performance Music and Soundtracks from Your Home Audio System

Are you ready to experience high-resolution music throughout your home and outdoor areas? With a whole-home audio system, you can stream your favorite playlist or enjoy your treasured vinyl in one room or throughout your home. From this same system, you can enjoy surround sound when it's movie night and the latest sporting event on your outdoor TV. Now, with one touch of a button, you can choose an audio source, the room, and enjoy.

Let's explore what a whole-home audio system is and how it's transforming homes in Charlotte, NC.

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Experiencing Whole-Home Audio

Imagine waking to the sound of your “Positive Energy” playlist streaming through the bedroom. Then, when you come home from work, your “Unofficial Therapy” playlist greets you when you open the door and follows you as you grab an ice-cold drink and head to the preheated spa. 

When friends come over for al fresco dining and movie night under the stars, the sound surrounds them, from outdoor music at dinner to the latest blockbuster soundtrack. It’s a luxurious lifestyle that one must experience to truly appreciate. 

The Source of the High-Performance Sound

The sound for this remarkable system comes from high-performance speakers hidden in walls and ceilings. At The Integrated Home, we partner with world-class manufacturers that produce the ultimate architectural speakers. 

These speakers may be plastered, wall-papered, or have grills painted to match their surrounding material. Outside, landscape satellite speakers blend in with your outdoor area. The result is high-fidelity audio that comes from an almost-invisible source and fills the air.

Multiple Zones

By setting up zones, each family member can listen to their chosen audio at the same time. For instance, the kids may play Fortnite in the media room while someone else is streaming music on the patio. In the kitchen, another person is enjoying jazz, and still another is watching their favorite series in the living room. All this audio comes from the same system, selected with one tap on a touchscreen or remote.

Integrated with Home Automation

When integrated with a home automation platform, our certified technicians can program preset scenes, enabling you to create the perfect setting for every occasion. Now, when it's time for dinner, entertaining, relaxing, or movie night, with one touch, the perfect music or soundtrack fills the home or one room while the lighting settles into the perfect hue and the shades lower for privacy.

At The Integrated Home, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best-in-class technology that brings enjoyment, ease of use, and beauty, enhancing their everyday lives. To learn more about the many possibilities in whole-home audio or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact The Integrated Home today.

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