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Bring Incredible Audio to Your Entire Home, Listening Room, or Home Theater

Without concerts and live entertainment recently, many music lovers are craving the atmosphere of robust, quality audio. Cheaper plug-and-play speakers from Amazon don’t compare to the experience of high-performance audio. Without high-end speakers connected to your streaming platforms, CDs, or turntable, you’re missing out on sound frequencies and depth that’s meant to be heard.

If you’re looking for a high-performance speaker brand you can trust, we’ll share why Meridian is our pick. Founded in 1977 in England, Meridian invented the first audiophile CD player in 1985, as well as the first digital surround sound processer about a decade later. Home Theater Review calls them “one of the most respected high-end audio companies of all time,” and we agree.

As a technology installer for Cornelius, NC, we’ll share the models we recommend by Meridian.

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In-Room Loudspeakers

Whether you want a whole-home audio system or a dedicated listening room, Meridian’s loudspeakers ensure supreme listening. Every Meridian loudspeaker uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to reproduce extremely accurate audio signals. Enhanced Bass Alignment ensures that all sound reaches your ear simultaneously for transparent, life-like sound.

Meridian’s floor-standing loudspeakers are elegant and attractive, standing around 36 inches and built with multiple drivers. The DSP3200 model is a compact loudspeaker that can be used on a bookshelf, on the wall, or a floor stand. Their horizontal DSP5200.2HC makes an excellent center channel in a home theater under a TV or behind a projector screen.

Architectural Loudspeakers

If multi-room music interests you but you aren’t sure where to put speakers in every room, there’s a solution. Meridian’s architectural speakers are installed right into your walls or ceilings to blend in behind a grille. The DSP750 is their highest-performing hidden speaker with a beryllium tweeter and low distortion output.

Your favorite albums and playlists will emanate so clearly from the walls that your guests will wonder where the band or musician is hiding. And for bass sounds? The DSW600 is an in-wall active subwoofer that will deliver low frequencies in any sized room.


Music Streaming

Most Meridian systems are wired to a receiver where media will connect through an input. But if you want to stream wirelessly to your system, the 210 Streamer allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet right to your new loudspeakers.

It includes both wired, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless technology for ultimate flexibility. Whether you’re playing Pandora radio stations, streaming a new album on Apple Music, or checking out a personalized playlist on Spotify, you can do it swiftly and in style with Meridian.


Time to upgrade your home’s music system or home theater audio? Contact The Integrated Home to experience high-end sound by Meridian and learn more about your home’s audio installation.

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