Got Power? AudioControl High-Performance Audio Amplifiers Do


AudioControl Amplifiers Deliver Effortless, Efficient Power for Any Audio Setup

If you are into the elevated sound quality of high-performance audio equipment, you likely know about the importance of high-quality amplification. In order to deliver detail, impact, and dynamic range, the best speakers need copious amounts of clean power. They say that power corrupts, but when it comes to audio, insufficient power is a greater problem, resulting in disappointing performance and even damaged speakers in extreme cases.

When it comes to power amplifiers, there are many choices from both well-known brands and lesser-known companies. One company that flies a bit under the radar is AudioControl. This Seattle-based company of audio enthusiasts and engineers has been making high-end components for four decades, putting most of their investment in building great products rather than marketing.

Keep reading to learn more about AudioControl high-performance amplifiers for home theater or multizone audio in your Charlotte, NC home.

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Home Theater/Multichannel Audio

The best movie soundtracks require broad dynamic range, going from quiet sequences to bombastic explosions in a split second, with an energetic score in the background. In a surround sound audio system, each audio channel should have high power in reserve to handle these transitions and ranges.

AudioControl multichannel amps deliver the power to the most demanding speakers. They are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7-channel configurations to mix and match to the requirements of home theaters. Starting at 230 watts/channel into 8 ohms and bridgeable to an amazing 600 watts, these amps can wring the ultimate performance from your speakers. With an efficient and cool-running Class H design, the Avalon, Pantages, and Savoy amps are made for audiophile media rooms and home theaters.

Home Audio

If you need powerful, compact amplifiers that fit discreetly in a room for either freestanding or built-in speakers, the Rialto series is a great choice. These amps feature a built-in DAC and digital and analog inputs to support various audio sources. Designed to fit in a cabinet or rack-mounted, this 100 watts/channel component is ideal as a concealed zone amplifier for high-performance audio applications.

Whole-Home Audio

AudioControl makes a large variety of amplifiers for whole-home audio systems. The Director Series features eight and 16-channel models that offer 65 to 100 watts/channel of power for multiple speakers sets. They are also bridgeable for even more power, up to 400 watts/channel for challenging speaker sets. The Director Series DSP control allows for optimized equalization and tuning for different speaker sets to coax the best possible sound from specific speakers.

For homes that require high audio quality but are tighter on space for components, the Architect Series sports high-current power for up to 16 audio channels in a compact, slim, cool running design to fit in small equipment racks. Flexible input switching and easy control from home automation systems make these amplifiers ideal for a multiroom setup.

If you’re looking for more dynamics, nuance, and detail from your home sound systems, AudioControl amplifiers supply the energy. To learn more, contact The Integrated Home in Charlotte, N.C., today by calling 704-412-4040, filling out an online form, or connecting with us instantly by clicking the chat window below. We look forward to working with you.

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