Hear Your Music in a Brand New Way

Listening to a hit song or a new album from a favorite artist deserves the best auditory experience possible. From slow, melodic music, to pop dance tunes – high-performance audio should always be within reach.

And by bringing a two-channel audio system into your Lake Norman, NC home, you can achieve high-end sound every time you turn on your media of choice.

Want to learn more about how you can elevate your music to a brand-new level? Keep on reading below.


Top-Notch Stereo System: A Dedicated Listening Room

What if you could have a space set apart from everywhere else in your home that was solely for the purpose of listening to music – and truly taking it in? It turns out that you can make any room in your house fit for this.

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Surround Sound Challenges

Surround Sound Challenges

Sometimes adding a surround sound system to your Charlotte-area home is a fairly simple project. But what if the room you want to watch movies in is oddly shaped or is made of materials that complicate the installation? We want to assure you that when you work with a professional audio/video installer you can overcome any challenges. Read this helpful guide for more information.

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Oddly Shaped Ceilings

Positioning two or four speakers in the ceiling is key to creating 3D audio where you can hear the sound coming from above you. If a movie includes a plane flying overhead or other sounds that come from above, you’ll need them. But what if your ceiling is a dome, caved, or made of a difficult material like brick or glass? In cases where the speakers can’t be installed in the walls or mounted on the ceiling, you can use upward firing speakers, which play the soundtrack directly upward so the sound reflects off the ceiling and back down towards you. Keep in mind that these work best when the ceiling is made of a hard and smooth surface.

Open Spaces

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