It’s Time to Upgrade Your Speakers: Here’s What to Know

No matter the upgrade you’re making to your home, it’s important to be informed about the technology before diving in and investing. If you — like many homeowners today — use a lot of audio in your Lake Norman, NC home — be it while watching movies in your home theater or streaming music in any room — it may be time to upgrade your high-end audio system and speakers. Ensure you’re getting the best quality audio out of your listening experience.

In this blog, we will discuss the basics of high-end speakers and what makes the difference between a product and a solution. With this knowledge, you can be confident in your decision when you decide to upgrade.


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High-End Speakers

High-end audio speakers are designed intentionally for optimal sound. They use materials that are lightweight but sturdy — to prevent any distortion that could occur otherwise. Moreover, their enclosures have the right shape and layout in order to prevent any reverberation from occurring.

In fact, even the technology and wiring within the speaker affects its performance. Crossover circuits tell which components to do what — like carrying low-frequency tones (bass) or high-frequency tones (treble).

As such, when investing in your high-end audio system, make sure that the speakers have been engineered with the appropriate technology and design in order to deliver the best sound possible.


Smart Home Control

In addition to speakers, you can add multiple other pieces of technology to transform your high-end audio products into a high-end audio system. These other pieces can include anything from turntables to amps.

What we think makes a high-end audio system a truly smart solution though is the ability to control it. As such, consider integrating your audio system with smart control in order to get the most out of your technology.

With a control system, you can manage the audio straight from your smartphone or tablet. Simply go into the associated app, select the room, and then pick what you want to play — be it music from one of your playlists, a streaming service, or a movie that you just want to enjoy with the best audio quality.

With our various trusted brand partners, like Meridian and Sonos, you have many options when it comes to incorporating high-end audio into your home.


Ready to take your home audio system to the next level and see what’s possible? Reach out to us online or give us a call at (704) 412-4040.

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