Reimagine Your Lighting Designs with REVI Downlighting


The REVI Low-Voltage Lighting Solution is Beautiful, Flexible, and Efficient

As an architect, designer, or home builder, you likely know how LED technology has revolutionized lighting. LED technology has enabled features like tunable lighting, which can vary white color temperature and illuminate with a rainbow of customizable colors. LED lighting is 80% more efficient than incandescent lighting, enabling far more efficient use of energy. And the compact, low heat emission nature of LED has also allowed for new lighting designs and fixtures that other technology can't match.

LED technology’s low energy use allows for low voltage lighting solutions that still provide the brightness and intensity of line voltage lighting. Low voltage has been used in outdoor lighting for years, but only recently with LED technology has it been able to meet the performance criteria for indoor lighting. One of the best solutions in high-performance low-voltage indoor lighting comes from Environmental Lights’ REVI line. Keep reading to learn more about REVI downlighting and how you can use it in your residential lighting design projects in Charlotte, NC.

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Architectural Downlighting

Low voltage lighting is very flexible and does not require a licensed electrician to install. The REVI system can also be powered by remote power supplies that can be installed up to 200 feet away. The low heat emissions can make it an ideal solution for a ceiling where traditional cans may not fit, and low voltage cabling is easier to install.

The REVI architectural lighting system is highly modular. The light engines are available in a variety of brightness and color temperatures. They are even IP65 rated, meaning they can resist dust and low-pressure water nozzles, making them suitable for outdoor installation in the right settings. A variety of baffles, diffusers, and trims make them adaptable to any ceiling.

REVI's 3-inch downlights offer an excellent way to make ceilings sleek while providing a wide variety of illumination possibilities. If your client wants whole-home audio, these lights blend easily with ceiling speakers for an aesthetically pleasing design.

Pendant Designs

REVI also makes architectural pendant downlighting that can also be used with the remote power system. These are primarily designed for ceiling lighting where an output of up to 10,000 lumens might be required. While the pendants are mainly for commercial installation, they might be suitable for a large-scale residential project. As with the recessed downlighting, the pendants can be outfitted with a wide range of reflectors and diffusers to provide a complete downlighting solution.

Easy Control

Any high-performance lighting solution should be easy to control. The REVI power supplies are available in various configurations to manage any combination of low voltage REVI lighting in a home. The rack-mountable power supplies can be located up to 200 feet away from the fixtures for maximum flexibility. With industry-standard DMX control interfaces, REVI lighting can be easily integrated with lighting control and home automation systems.

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