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How a Control4 System Enhances Lighting Design

If you’re an interior designer, you know how essential lighting is to the atmosphere of any room. Lighting can evoke specific sensations, opening rooms up while highlighting artwork, furniture, wallpaper, and carpets. Usually, once we choose a lightbulb, we are stuck with that color temperature and brightness. But that’s where smart lighting changes the game.

Modern homeowners want smart technology more than ever, and a Control4 system elevates lighting design in many ways. Your clients will be amazed by how beautiful their home looks after you implement a Control4 lighting design.

But how does smart lighting work, and how can you incorporate it into your Lake Norman, NC, design projects? Find out below.

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Tunable Lights for Changeable Moods

Smart lighting fixtures in a Control4 system are never committed to one appearance. You and your clients can slide and adjust the color and brightness of each light from a phone, tablet, or control panel, and save preset scenes to be relived time after time.

Be sure to demonstrate the benefits of circadian lighting to your clients—lights that mimic natural sunlight to regulate our internal clocks. You’ll also show your clients how to set lights to vibrant, colorful hues for parties and cocktails after dinner. The first time they see smart lighting in action, they’ll be in awe.


Accentuate Artwork and Furniture

A red statement sofa, a gold picture frame—what lighting will look best on the pieces you select? Control4 gives you the power to fine-tune lights to complement any space. Suddenly, the wallpaper’s colors pop at night under a rose-gold glow, and the bathroom tiles shine in arctic white light.


Automatic Aesthetics with Smart Shades

Smart bulbs are only one element of lighting design. Motorized shades can be added to the control system, so in one tap of a button or voice command, every blind can raise or lower in unison. Motorized shades by manufacturers like Screen Innovations come in numerous colors, fabrics, and transparencies. Clients can enjoy an elegant row of shades all aligned and command privacy in an instant.


Partner with a Home Automation Integrator

To add smart lights and automation to your design projects, partner with a smart home professional. The Integrated Home is an independently-owned Control4 dealer that can handle the design, wiring, and installation of all technology. We’ll connect every device so your clients can seamlessly manage their technology through the Control4 interface.

Ready to team up with a smart lighting professional? Contact The Integrated Home to expand your projects and portfolio today.

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