Reimagine Your Lighting Designs with REVI Downlighting


The REVI Low-Voltage Lighting Solution is Beautiful, Flexible, and Efficient

As an architect, designer, or home builder, you likely know how LED technology has revolutionized lighting. LED technology has enabled features like tunable lighting, which can vary white color temperature and illuminate with a rainbow of customizable colors. LED lighting is 80% more efficient than incandescent lighting, enabling far more efficient use of energy. And the compact, low heat emission nature of LED has also allowed for new lighting designs and fixtures that other technology can't match.

LED technology’s low energy use allows for low voltage lighting solutions that still provide the brightness and intensity of line voltage lighting. Low voltage has been used in outdoor lighting for years, but only recently with LED technology has it been able to meet the performance criteria for indoor lighting. One of the best solutions in high-performance low-voltage indoor lighting comes from Environmental Lights’ REVI line. Keep reading to learn more about REVI downlighting and how you can use it in your residential lighting design projects in Charlotte, NC.

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Designing with Low-Voltage Automated Lighting


The Benefits of Working with a Low Voltage Contractor for Custom Lighting Designs

As an architect, builder, or interior designer, you know how creative lighting designs can transform a home or business. Smart lighting from brands like LumaStream and Environmental Lights lets users control the color and brightness of bulbs right from a smart system app, and digital signage and LED strips can show off a business’s unique character.  

But automated lighting isn’t installed like any other system. Early in your design process, it may be wise to partner with a low-voltage contractor. If you’re a builder in the Charlotte, NC, area, read on to learn why low-voltage lighting services will enhance your projects.

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