How to Design a Whole House Audio System to be Heard and Not Seen


James Small Aperture Architectural Speakers Deliver a New Level of Sound Quality

As designers and architects, you are acutely aware of how home technology can impact aesthetics. Your clients want the latest smart home features and audio and video systems, but they want them to discreetly integrate into the overall design and décor of the home. 

For years, architectural speakers filled the need for homeowners that preferred their sound heard but not seen. But more discerning homeowners and designers often yearned for an even more integrated look with high-end audio performance. James Loudspeaker is an architectural speaker company that saw the need and developed a new series of speakers with unprecedented design integration and sound quality – the Small Aperture Series.

Read on below to learn more about the Small Aperture line and how you can integrate whole-house audio for your Charlotte, NC projects that dovetail neatly into your designs.

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No-Compromise Design

In the past, some architectural speakers presented compromises. With some speakers, you could have a sleek hidden installation at the expense of some trade-offs in sound quality. With others, you could achieve superior sound, but speakers were still relatively prominent in walls and ceilings. James Loudspeaker set out to create a no-compromise solution that would appeal to lovers of form and function.

The small aperture name refers to the small opening required for the speaker to release sound. With openings that start at just three inches, the speakers can be integrated to match the style and design of ceiling lighting fixtures. Slim grills – in both square and round trims – can be tailored to match today’s smaller LED lighting for a seamless ceiling look. But James went beyond just trim paintable grills. For a custom wood ceiling, the grills can be flush-mounted and powder coated to match the wood stain and virtually disappear. For even more uniform integration, the speakers can hide behind ceiling material that has been routed or perforated for a completely custom look.

Brilliant Sound

The secret to achieving elevated sound quality with discreet looks lies in the construction of the aperture series. The speakers are housed in sturdy metal enclosures that are mounted to studs before ceiling finishes are installed. James packs in a built-in subwoofer in every speaker for full-range sound, negating the need for a separate subwoofer for bass. For even more bass, especially in larger rooms, a separate subwoofer can be installed with as little as a 4-inch aperture. Each speaker is a marvel of acoustic engineering, where the subwoofer inside the metal enclosure generates powerful bass and only the concentric midrange/tweeter module needs the small opening to emanate sound. For example, the 3-inch aperture model contains a 6.5-inch min-subwoofer, a 2-inch aluminum midrange, and a .75-inch aluminum tweeter with a true three-way design. Larger models can use larger 7-inch square or 9.5-inch round apertures for even more robust sound, capable of bass response down to 30hZ! The James Loudspeaker Small Aperture speakers are made to please both audio and design enthusiasts alike.

If you are looking for whole-house audio speakers that compromise nothing to performance or aesthetics, we have your solution. Contact The Integrated Home in Charlotte, NC, today by calling 704-412-4040, filling out an online form, or connecting with us instantly by clicking the chat window below. We look forward to working with you.

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