3 Projection Screen Considerations for Your Home Theater Design


Keep these factors in mind while choosing the centerpiece of your home cinema

A projection screen is a classic display choice for a home theater design. A 100-inch or larger screen most closely recreates the commercial theater experience in a home environment, and the sheer size of the screen brings all your content to life before your eyes. Therefore, choosing the right projection screen for your theater in Charlotte, NC, is paramount — not only because the screen is the centerpiece of your room design but also because the display has a significant impact on your overall viewing experience.

Keep reading to learn three considerations to keep in mind while selecting the right projection screen for the most authentic and enjoyable movie-watching experience.

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Lamp vs. Laser Projectors: Which Is Best?


Comparing Two Sony4K Projectors for Your Home Media Room   

Movie lovers and TV buffs choose to install projectors formany reasons. First,you can enjoy screen dimensionvastly larger than most TVs, then retract it into the ceiling when it’s not in use. Projectors allow for dynamic, multipurpose spaces, where in one moment you’re chatting and playing games with friends and in the next, create a home theater setting. 

But not all projectors produce the same image quality. Some projectors use an internal lamp as the video’s light source, while newer models use a laser light source. The difference between a lamp or laser creates different visual results—and the amount taken out of your wallet. 

Sony, one of the most highly regarded projector manufacturers worldwidebuilds both a laser and lamp 4K SXRD projector for home media rooms. We’ll compare the qualities of both so you can find the best fit for your Charlotte, NC home. 

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CinemaTech Helps Interior Designers Create Dedicated Home Theaters


Explore CinemaTech’s Custom Theater Seating & Design Services Program  

CinemaTech is a renowned creator of home theater furniture and acoustic treatments. They offer German-built and American-built seating in both modern and retro styles, with customization options for any fabric you’d like. If you’re an interior designer with a dedicated home theater in your next project, CinemaTech’s award-winning seating is what you’ve been looking for. 

The Integrated Home is a CinemaTech dealer based in Charlotte, NC, that frequently partners with interior designers and builders. If you haven’t heard of CinemaTech’s Design Services Program, we share what makes it valuable to the modern designer below. 

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Looking for Audio/Video Furniture? Salamander Designs Is Your Brand


Cabinets and Theater Seating to Top Off Any Home Theater or Media Room

You can have an impeccable 4K screen, a UHD projector, and a high-tier speaker system, but if the atmosphere isn’t right in your home theater or living room, you won’t be compelled to spend time there. The right furniture can make all the difference. But if you’ve checked out the local big box store, you might be less than impressed by their audio/video furniture offerings.

For a specific product, it’s best to let the experts step in. And Salamander Designs is an expert in all audio/video-oriented furniture, from home theater seating to sleek cabinetry. Read on to see if Salamander Designs is what you’ve been looking for in your Cornelius, NC, home.

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More Convenient Than DVDs and Streaming: Kaleidescape Media Systems


Stream A Collection of 4K Movies That You Actually Own

You’re in the mood to watch When Harry Met Sally. Or maybe it’s The Wolf of Wall Street. You check Netflix, Hulu—it’s not there to stream. Wasn’t it available before? You could rent the movie on Amazon, but really, it’s one of your favorite movies. Maybe you should just get it on Blu-ray…But you want to watch it tonight, and in the highest quality in your home theater.

Streaming, Blu-rays, and DVDs…There’s another option. A Kaleidescape movie player stores your digital collection of movies in 4K definition, with space for up to 360 films!

Unlike purchasing movies through on-demand, the media inside Kaleidescape’s home media systems are yours, no matter if you change service providers, TVs, or houses. Read on to see how it works and if it would be a fit for your Charlotte, NC home.

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Modern & Minimal: Hidden TVs and Projectors for Your Home


Elegantly Hide Technology When It’s Not in Use

There are many reasons to embrace hidden technology. Maybe your space is restricted in a historic Charlotte townhouse. Perhaps you’re proud of your interior design and don’t want a distracting black TV screen interrupting the aesthetic. Or maybe you have a transitional room—one moment, it’s a home theater and the next, it’s a hangout spot for drinks and conversations.

Future Automations’ hidden technology like TV lifts, automatic moving doors, and projector lifts make your devices blend into the walls and ceilings. Read on to learn how invisible tech works and how an audio/video installer can add style and luxury to your Charlotte, NC home.


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Designing a Home Theater? Mix Style & Quality With CinemaTech Seating


Theater Seating for Any Client’s Tastes

So, your interior design clients want to build a home theater. There are countless elements to consider: the room layout for wiring, screen size and materials, and surround sound speakers. The display and audio components can be quite complicated (and luckily, a home theater professional can help). But then comes the fun part: home theater seating.

As private cinema installers in Charlotte, NC, we trust CinemaTech for its variety of theater seating options. Find out why we love CinemaTech and how you can design for the best below.

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High-End Audio Spotlight: James Loudspeaker


Build the Best Home Speaker System for Your Charlotte, NC, House

What makes certain speakers superior in quality than others? Why do audiophiles adore some brands while others aren’t worthy of being touched by a ten-foot pole? Don’t all speakers do essentially the same thing?

No, not all speakers are the same. Like a fine wine or new iPhone model, some speakers deliver far more excellent results than others. The best speakers can play an even frequency response, which means low, mid, and high-range frequencies are balanced, and each sound frequency recorded can be reproduced. This is actually very difficult to achieve.

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the impressive home speaker system brand James Loudspeaker. Their soundbars, subwoofers, and architectural speakers can blend into your Charlotte, NC, home interior. And controlled through one smart system, you’ll access and enjoy music more often than ever. Read on to learn what sets James Loudspeaker apart.


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Transform Your Living Room into a Home Theater with Media Room Designs

Transform Your Living Room into a Home Theater with Media Room Designs

The demand for dedicated home theaters is certainly changing. More homeowners want a multipurpose media room instead because they either don’t have the extra room or they feel it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. This isn’t exactly surprising since most families interact in the communal environments of a home. In a media room, your kids can watch cartoons while you cook dinner in the kitchen and you can still keep an eye on them. There’s definitely added benefits to keeping your theater system in the living room instead of the basement. But how do you keep the room looking beautiful while still performing perfectly when you want to enjoy a movie or play a video game? We have the answers in today’s blog on media room design.

SEE ALSO: Dedicated Home Theater or Media Room? What’s Right for My Lake Norman Home?

Hiding Your Technology

There’s a common scenario that often plays out in Charlotte, NC homes – the husband wants a large flat-screen TV and full surround system in the living room. If he’s an audiophile, he probably wants to situate multiple loudspeakers in the room to create his sound nirvana experience. But the wife is more concerned about how all of this equipment is going to look. Whether it’s the husband or wife in the partnership, usually one of them focuses on the interior design while the other makes good, quality performance the priority. But when you work with The Integrated Home, you can have your cake and eat it to. We can hide all of the audio/video components so you only see them when you want to. Here are a few ways we accomplish that:

Motorization: We’ll hide a TV or screen in the ceiling or other wall enclosure and install a motorized lift so that it’s only visible when you want to use it. Push a button and the TV or screen will appear instantly out of the wall, creating that ‘wow’ factor.

Mirror TVs: Seura has designed TVs that are hidden in beautiful mirrors. One moment you look at the stylish mirror in your living room and see your reflection, and the next a movie appears in the middle of the glass.

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How Important is High-Quality Audio When Watching a Movie?

This past Halloween, I had the great idea of taking the family out to see a scary movie at the local drive-in. With the cool weather, it seemed like the perfect activity for a spooky evening together.

It turned out to be a terrible idea. We weren’t the only ones to think of it. With everyone’s engines running, we could barely hear anything through our portable radio or even the car’s speakers.

Even with a clear view of the screen, it was impossible to enjoy the movie when we couldn’t hear the creaking of the door or the whispers between panicked protagonists.

Since then, we’ve resolved to watch scary movies in the comfort of our Charlotte, NC home where we can take full advantage of our high-end surround sound system.

A properly installed system can make all the difference when enjoying your favorite movie whether it’s a romantic comedy or explosive action movie.

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