Whole House Audio Made Easy with Control4 Sessions


Spouse and Child-Approved Whole Home Audio for the Family

Once upon a time, audio was fairly simple. You turned on the radio, tuned a station, and adjusted the volume. Or perhaps you put a record on the turntable, pressed a button, and the arm lowered to play the music. While those simple pleasures can still be had, it seems like the digital age has brought more complexity to the listening experience. Now, it’s Pandora or Tidal? TuneIn for radio? How do I get the speakers in the living room to play?

Granted, we have far more capable audio systems today. And if you have a Control4 whole-house audio setup, you have a world of sound at your beck and call. However, the trouble is that some whole-home sound systems can be a little complicated to use. We know of a few people who would rather listen on a Bluetooth speaker (gasp!) because the fancy whole-home system is just a bit too hard to fathom.

Control4, the smart home company, set out to change all that. With the latest Control4 OS 3, they reimagined how a whole-house audio system should operate – in other words, they designed it for actual humans! Read on to see just how easy a house-wide audio system in your Charlotte, NC abode can be with Contro4.

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High-End Audio Spotlight: James Loudspeaker


Build the Best Home Speaker System for Your Charlotte, NC, House

What makes certain speakers superior in quality than others? Why do audiophiles adore some brands while others aren’t worthy of being touched by a ten-foot pole? Don’t all speakers do essentially the same thing?

No, not all speakers are the same. Like a fine wine or new iPhone model, some speakers deliver far more excellent results than others. The best speakers can play an even frequency response, which means low, mid, and high-range frequencies are balanced, and each sound frequency recorded can be reproduced. This is actually very difficult to achieve.

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the impressive home speaker system brand James Loudspeaker. Their soundbars, subwoofers, and architectural speakers can blend into your Charlotte, NC, home interior. And controlled through one smart system, you’ll access and enjoy music more often than ever. Read on to learn what sets James Loudspeaker apart.


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Expand Your Clients’ Home Audio With Outdoor Entertainment


Assembling and Installing Outdoor Audio

Today’s luxury homeowners are all about convenience and experience, and that extends to home audio. Whole-home audio shouldn’t be limited to the indoors only. If you’re an architect, designer, or builder, an outdoor entertainment system may be precisely what your clients are looking for. But how should outdoor audio be arranged and installed? Do you have the knowledge and resources to do so? 

As audio video experts in Charlotte, NC, we at The Integrated Home can assist your residential (and commercial) projects with an outdoor entertainment design and installation. You can learn more about outdoor audio and how it works in our guide below.   

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Enjoy Audio Anywhere With Sonos Multi-Room Music


Seamless Room Grouping and the Sonos Move Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

As you move through your home, your music should move with you. Friends and family that you’re entertaining will want to enjoy your lively playlists as they gather in the kitchen, on the patio, by the pool, and even while visiting the bathroom. With multi-room music, you’ll have a personal soundtrack in the background of your life, from old favorites to new music discovery on Spotify. Sonos, the American speaker manufacturer, makes it easier than ever to achieve multi-room music.

How? Continue reading to learn how its seamless room grouping and new Move speaker will add more music enjoyment to your Charlotte, NC home this season.

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