The Ultimate Upgrade for Home Media Rooms


The Kaleidescape Movie Player System Offers the Best Media Experience

These days, a huge amount of content is streamed. Even if you subscribe to cable services, many now offer the same programming as apps on popular streaming products like Roku, Apple TV, and smart TVs. So, you might be inclined to believe that you don’t need anything more than a smart TV or streaming platform to get all the content you need.

It's true; you likely don't need anything more than streaming and all the right subscriptions. But there are other options. There are physical media like Blu-ray discs for movies and high-quality series like HBO's Game of Thrones. For many enthusiasts, physical media offers the best quality video and a high-resolution audio experience. But many enthusiasts also don't want to collect physical discs anymore. 

There is, however, a way to get all the convenience of streaming with the ultra-high-quality experience you want in your home media room – a Kaleidescape movie player. Read more below to upgrade your Charlotte, NC media for the ultimate visual and aural experience. 

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Sony TV Spotlight: See What’s New in 2021


Is it time to upgrade your home media room with a new Sony display?

These days, display technology is evolving and advancing at whiplash speeds. As one of the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics, Sony continues to keep pace year after year with faster, smarter and more intuitive televisions. This year is poised to be one of Sony’s biggest years yet as they introduce the world’s first televisions powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, which replicates the way humans see and hear.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your home media room or home theater in Charlotte, NC, keep reading to peruse Sony’s 2021 lineup and the newest features available on Sony TVs.

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Transform Your Living Room into a Home Theater with Media Room Designs

Transform Your Living Room into a Home Theater with Media Room Designs

The demand for dedicated home theaters is certainly changing. More homeowners want a multipurpose media room instead because they either don’t have the extra room or they feel it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. This isn’t exactly surprising since most families interact in the communal environments of a home. In a media room, your kids can watch cartoons while you cook dinner in the kitchen and you can still keep an eye on them. There’s definitely added benefits to keeping your theater system in the living room instead of the basement. But how do you keep the room looking beautiful while still performing perfectly when you want to enjoy a movie or play a video game? We have the answers in today’s blog on media room design.

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Hiding Your Technology

There’s a common scenario that often plays out in Charlotte, NC homes – the husband wants a large flat-screen TV and full surround system in the living room. If he’s an audiophile, he probably wants to situate multiple loudspeakers in the room to create his sound nirvana experience. But the wife is more concerned about how all of this equipment is going to look. Whether it’s the husband or wife in the partnership, usually one of them focuses on the interior design while the other makes good, quality performance the priority. But when you work with The Integrated Home, you can have your cake and eat it to. We can hide all of the audio/video components so you only see them when you want to. Here are a few ways we accomplish that:

Motorization: We’ll hide a TV or screen in the ceiling or other wall enclosure and install a motorized lift so that it’s only visible when you want to use it. Push a button and the TV or screen will appear instantly out of the wall, creating that ‘wow’ factor.

Mirror TVs: Seura has designed TVs that are hidden in beautiful mirrors. One moment you look at the stylish mirror in your living room and see your reflection, and the next a movie appears in the middle of the glass.

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Home Theater or Media Room? Help Your Clients Build the Right Space

Home Theater or Media Room? Help Your Clients Build the Right Space

Homeowners renovating or building a new property may describe their ideal living room or den to include surround sound and a large screen. Would they be more suited to a home theater? Or maybe your clients want a home theater, but also like the idea of spending time in the room for socializing. Home theaters and media rooms share similarities, but each room performs best with specific design and technology in mind. If you’re an interior designer or builder, this is an excellent opportunity to provide your clients with creative solutions. 

As you chat with clients about what they would like in their Charlotte, NC home, consider the following questions to help build the best space for them. Whether they’d like a media room installation or a home theater, we share our expertise with both below.

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Home Theater or Media Room?

Ask your clients: do you plan on entertaining during movies or while listening to music? Will you use your new media system for gaming or soundtracking a party? Is flexibility necessary for your space? If the answer is yes to these questions, a media room may be a better fit for socializing-inclined clients. On the other side of the coin, if your client already has a place for social gatherings and television, they will appreciate a dedicated home theater.

Building a Home Theater

While the screen of a cinema may seem like the most critical factor, it’s important to remember the sound and room components, too. Home theater screens are available in impressively high-definition options now, with home IMAX screens and 4K projectors. If your clients are seeking the best and brightest, let them know that 8K is more widely available now, as well as enhanced 4K format that surpasses earlier editions.

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Create the Perfect Space for Entertainment in Your Home

There’s nothing better than coming in for the night after a long day of work and catching up on your favorite TV show, or hosting a movie night for friends and family at the end of the week.  But to make the most of these fun events, you’ll need an entertainment system that is way above average.

That’s why a media room installation for your Lake Norman, NC home can elevate your entertainment like never before.  With the right audio-video components and technology in place, you’ll never be able to go back to watching your films and shows the same way again!

Keep reading below to learn about the many advantages of bringing a quality, multi-purpose media room to your living space, and how you can utilize yours to entertain both your friends and family.


Incomparable Audio-Video Technology

Your media room is where you’ll be spending lots of time enjoying a binge-worthy TV series with family, or watching your favorite sports team score big.  The kind of AV equipment you have installed is crucial in making or breaking the space.

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