Lamp vs. Laser Projectors: Which Is Best?


Comparing Two Sony4K Projectors for Your Home Media Room   

Movie lovers and TV buffs choose to install projectors formany reasons. First,you can enjoy screen dimensionvastly larger than most TVs, then retract it into the ceiling when it’s not in use. Projectors allow for dynamic, multipurpose spaces, where in one moment you’re chatting and playing games with friends and in the next, create a home theater setting. 

But not all projectors produce the same image quality. Some projectors use an internal lamp as the video’s light source, while newer models use a laser light source. The difference between a lamp or laser creates different visual results—and the amount taken out of your wallet. 

Sony, one of the most highly regarded projector manufacturers worldwidebuilds both a laser and lamp 4K SXRD projector for home media rooms. We’ll compare the qualities of both so you can find the best fit for your Charlotte, NC home. 

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The Perfect Screen for Your Short-Throw Projector


Why Home Media Rooms Can Benefit from Short-Throw Projection & ALR Screens

Are you building or updating your home’s media room? If so, you may be weighing your options between a TV or projector. We understand—it can be a tricky decision. TV screens generally have a brighter picture than projectors, and projectors are more suited to large, dark rooms like home theaters. On the other hand, projectors can create an immense image size that TV dimensions can’t compare to. But have you considered short-throw projectors? You may discover the best of both worlds.

With a short throw projector and an ALR screen by Screen Innovations, you can enjoy the benefits of a projector screen in your living room without compromising video quality or sacrificing space. The projector is placed right in front of a screen like a DVD player, so you won’t have to worry about ceiling measurements and installation. But that’s not all. Continue reading to see how it is already enhancing home media rooms in Lake Norman, NC.

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TV vs. Projector: Which Is Best for Your Home Theater System?

TV vs. Projector: Which Is Best for Your Home Theater System?

Are you still watching your favorite films or shows on a small screen? While you may think what you have is “good enough,” you could be enjoying the immersive experience of a home theater system.

If you’re curious about adding a private cinema to your home, you may be wondering which screen is the superior option. It can be confusing to decide whether a TV or projector is best, so continue reading to learn which will suit your Lake Norman, NC home theater.

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Ultra HD TV Screens

With impressive size and clearer-than-ever images, the Sony MASTER Series screens are vast enough to feel like you’re enjoying a night at the movies. The ultra-flat televisions range up to 98” wide diagonally, and OLED technology illuminates each of its eight million pixels individually. Sony technology creates deeper blacks, brighter colors, and better gradient handling, making the manufacturer our choice for home theaters. Grandest of them all, theirZ9G screen is displayed in 8K definition and uses X-tended Dynamic Range to boost brightness in required areas from stored energy. The built-in speakers and subwoofer are a great place to start for home theater audio, too, so you can enjoy sound mixing as filmmakers intended it.  

Projector Screens

You may think the screen is the least important part of a home theater. After all, can’t you project an image onto a wall or sheet? Not exactly. Depending on the amount of light in your home theater room, your projector could benefit from specific screen materials or colors to absorb the most light.

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4 Media Room Design Trends That Should Be on Your Radar

4 Media Room Design Trends That Should Be on Your Radar

Interior designers, help your clients create a destination in their homes to gather and make memories—a media room! In a dedicated media room, families can enjoy the high-resolution entertainment of a private theater with added freedom to chat over drinks or play pool while the game’s on. They can settle in the dark to watch a film on the big screen or play cards while music swells from speakers and a subwoofer.

To truly ‘wow’ with design, we’ve rounded up the latest media room installation trends that your clients will love. And if you’re in the Charlotte, North Carolina region, The Integrated Home is your partner for all entertainment installations. Continue reading to learn more!

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1. Float the Furniture

It’s many people’s instinct to push couches and seating against a wall. But when you ‘float’ sofas in the middle of the room, you’ll create a space behind seating for games, a wine bar, and other activities. Folks can still relax and watch the screen from recliners and couches or have fun on the other side of the room. This will make the media room appear longer, freeing up space for more possibilities.

2. Hidden Technology

Is there a way to make a large TV screen and speakers appear minimalist? Yes, there is! If your client strives for sparse design, incorporate hidden technology solutions like an in-ceiling projector screen and in-wall speakers. When it’s time to start a movie, all your client will need to do is press a button on their smartphone or remote to lower the screen. In-floor screens that rise are a possibility, too. For robust surround sound, speakers can be placed inside walls, reducing the appearance of bulky technology. Plus, new mirror and artwork TVs disguise the screen’s appearance when not in use, so clients can enjoy the background while chatting with guests.

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3 Things to Know Before Adding a Home Theater System

3 Things to Know Before Adding a Home Theater System

By bringing a home theater system to your Lake Norman, NC, living space, you’ll be taking your entire entertainment center to the next level. There’s nothing quite like watching media in an immersive environment that happens to be your own home.

But what should you know before taking on an installation like this either in a dedicated home cinema or media room? In this blog, we’ve compiled three tips as well as some items to consider.

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Customize Your Theater to Fit You

If you don’t like the idea of making a theater look exactly like your local cinema, don’t worry! You can create a home theater system in any shape or size.

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