Revolutionary Surveillance Cameras for Your Charlotte Home

Revolutionary Surveillance Cameras for Your Charlotte Home

Today’s security cameras are incredibly smart with many high-tech features that will protect your Charlotte, North Carolina home. But you don’t want to just choose any security company to work with or any surveillance brand. We want to assure you that our products are of the highest quality and that working with a smart home professional is the way to go – even when installing just security and surveillance. Here are some of the best features of our surveillance cameras

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Experience High-Definition Viewing

Snap AV has enhanced their Wirepath series of surveillance cameras to create a brand new, better-than-ever system called Luma. The Luma HD-TVI analog cameras can capture images in high definition, which is three times the pixels of typical analog models. It’s perfect for indoor ceiling installation in small or medium-size rooms, and can be tilted so it can pan around the room as needed. This series also delivers smooth video at up to 30 frames per second so the video is clear and smooth as you are watching it. And, thanks to the 1MP sensor, the cameras can show a true widescreen view, giving you a wider view of the action to fill your TV or mobile device screen. Snap AV also has outdoor models that are protected from spraying water or dust and are even resistant to intentional damage. With many high-quality surveillance cameras in different shapes and sizes for any application, Snap AV is our recommended brand for top-notch security.

Check in on Loved Ones with Live Video Streams

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How to Protect Your North Carolina Home with Security Cameras

How to Protect Your North Carolina Home with Security Cameras

There are a lot of reasons a homeowner may want to install security cameras in their Lake Norman, NC residence. Formerly, families used security alarm systems to scare away invaders with loud, obnoxious sounds and then alert the police. Sometimes, criminals could find ways to avoid setting off the alarm, or the police wouldn't arrive in time to make the arrest. Today, surveillance cameras provide the solution of capturing the robber's activity on video so that even if he or she gets away, you have at least captured their face and actions. In addition to protecting your home from intruders, there are many other ways you can use security cameras in an integrated control system, such as checking in on children, hired help, or pets. Read on to learn more.

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Use Wireless Access to Monitor Your Home

Going out of town for vacation? Or maybe you have a second home you like to visit when the weather is nice. You can make sure your property is safe and in good condition at all times by installing wireless-enabled security cameras and then checking in on the video footage with an app on your phone. Use your smartphone to view various cameras around your home or let the system update you with text message alerts. If a person hops the fence and enters your backyard, you'll know it right away with real-time updates and video clips of the intruder. You'll be able to determine if it's a stranger, or just a neighbor or mail man, and then act accordingly. If you are busy doing activities or working during the day, you can play the recorded video later at your convenience.

Use Smart Locks for Additional Security Measures

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Find Out What Ring’s X-Line Brings to Your Home Surveillance System


X-Line is an all-in-one security system personalized to your Charlotte home

Ring is a household name these days — Amazon’s product line of compact video doorbells and security cameras ensure that you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere through an easy-to-use smartphone app.

One of Ring’s newest releases is the X-Line package deal. Ring’s X-Line offers an all-in-one solution for building a personalized home security and surveillance system for your Charlotte, NC, home. All X-Line systems are installed by a pro in your area — in this case, The Integrated Home.

The X-Line package is an amazing deal whether you’re new to Ring or already own Ring products. Keep reading to learn what’s included in each bundle and the perks of professional installation!  

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Is Your Surveillance System Really Protecting Your Home?


Did you know that police typically only solve 13 percent of home invasions due to lack of witnesses or evidence? In case of a break-in, a surveillance system can help you catch the perpetrators to recover your property and avoid a second offense.

For that very reason, visible surveillance cameras will deter robbers from targeting your home altogether. Thieves know if they’re seen, they’ll likely be caught.

But installing a few security cameras is not enough to protect your Charlotte, NC home. The wrong ones or poor installation could result in significant holes in your surveillance system.  

We cover the biggest surveillance camera mistakes below (as well as how to fix them, of course).

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Surveillance in the Dark: Starlight Security Cameras


How Starlight Technology Is Redefining Low-Light Surveillance

It’s the middle of the night, and someone is approaching your home. They travel discreetly up the side of your lawn and break into your garage, tampering with the lock. Now they’re inside your house and are stealing your belongings.

If you have a smart security system, alarms and lights should have been activated automatically. But if your entire property isn’t covered, or if an intruder finds a way to avoid being seen, all you’ll be left with is dark, impossible-to-see footage on your security cameras. That will be no help when handing it over to the authorities, and you won’t be able to catch the criminal.

That’s where starlight security cameras are changing the game. The lowlight cameras make surveillance systems just as effective during the night time as during the day. To see how starlight cameras, like models by Luma, can help your Charlotte, NC, home, discover the benefits below.  


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Tips to Prevent & Catch Crimes with Home Surveillance Systems

Tips to Prevent & Catch Crimes with Home Surveillance Systems

If you read the news on home security cameras, you’ll see that homeowners across the nation are successfully protecting their families with surveillance systems. Burglars are caught more easily today thanks to individuals’ cameras. As more people in the neighborhood install them, neighbors are helping each other stop crime.  

If you have or are planning on adding home surveillance systems to your property in the Lake Norman, NC area, there are many ways to make the most of your technology. To ensure your security system performs its best, continue reading below.

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Don’t Hide Your Cameras

Unless you’re trying to sneakily catch someone you suspect is stealing your mail, don’t hide your security cameras. Most burglars are deterred by the presence of cameras and will decide not to rob a home where they’ll be caught. If they can see a camera visibly on your property, they will most likely choose a more accessible house to break into and will leave yours alone.  

Cover More Than the Front Door

It makes sense to guard the front door with surveillance cameras, but you’d be missing a massive blind spot to ignore other areas of your home. Include security cameras on your back doors, ground floor windows, and even the roof. Remember, if trespassers see that there’s only a camera at the front door, they may decide to try another break-in point. With a camera on your driveway or by the fence, they might not even take a step onto your lawn.  

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Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key with Smart Technology

Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key with Smart Technology

We’ve all been there—you leave a key under the door mat for a friend, babysitter, or relative who needs to visit while you’re away. But it seems too obvious right? If everyone left a key under the welcome mat for emergencies, it would just be too easy for a person to break in and steal your belongings. You could get creative hiding the key in plants or lawn decor, but leaving it out is still a risk. Smart locks not only eradicate this problem, but they also offer a lot of other practical benefits related to home security. Read this blog to learn more.

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How to Use Smart Locks

Most smart locks have a numerical keypad that enable you to unlock the door with a personalized code instead of a physical key. You can create a code for each member of your family, and even temporary codes for guests. The Integrated Home can even connect these smart locks to your control system, allowing your family to open and close doors at any time with mobile devices. For example, if your spouse forgets his or her code, you can simply open the door using your smart phone. Smart locks can also send you an alert if the door is ever left open, or when anyone comes inside your home. You can stay informed of when your kids come home from school and also if anyone leaves. If you have a full smart home automation system, these smart locks can connect to your Away and Welcome scenes. For example, press “Away” using the Control4 app on your smartphone and all the doors will lock, the security system will arm, the thermostat will adjust to an energy-saving level, and all the lights will turn off.

Connecting Your Gate or Garage

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