3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Surveillance System

Smart technology makes daily life easier for everyone in your home.  From added convenience and comfort to various luxurious features, your automated systems can transform how you go about your day.

But did you know that while smart technologies elevate your living space they can also protect it. By upgrading your home’s surveillance system, you can ensure that your Lake Norman, NC property and your family stays safe and secure at all times, whether you’re near or far away.

In this blog, we’ll go through the top three reasons it’s essential to bring security and surveillance solutions to your home. Keep on reading below to find out more.




You Can Access Your Whole System from One Centralized Source

With a centralized surveillance system its easy to control and operate your entire home from any smart device and from anywhere in the world.  Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to adjust surveillance cameras, arm your alarms, and lock doors with just a press of a button.

If you integrate your landscape lighting and motorized shades into your system, you can manage these through the same system too. You’ll be able to brighten areas of your property and shade your windows for privacy without doing anything more than pulling out your phone.


You Will Always Stay in the Know with Live Footage

Your surveillance system benefits you the most when you can access live surveillance camera footage from wherever you are, right on your smartphone or tablet.  Pull up your live feed and watch the real-time video from every angle of your property.

You can check each individual room, exteriors, and landscape, and even adjust your cameras right from your device.  Pan, zoom, and tilt your cameras around to the desired position so you can see every last corner of your home.

Save videos to your phone to view later, and set your alarms to alert the authorities if any suspicious activity is caught on the footage.  You’ll have better peace of mind whether you leave home for a day or a week.


You Can Integrate Your Other Smart Solutions

Take your surveillance system to the next level by incorporating your other automated features into its setup as well.

Smart technologies like lighting control and motorized shades can optimize your space’s security and ensure you return to your home in the same condition you left it in.

Any well-lit area of your home is going to keep intruders from trying to break in.  Top-notch landscape lighting and fixtures flood an area where your cameras have captured suspicious activity or if your motion sensors have detected movement.

You can see the footage better when you play it back, and it will steer away any potential threats from attempting to damage your home.

While you’re home, you can set a scene to arm your alarm and surveillance system, turn off all your interior lights, keep your landscape lighting on until sunrise, and lower your automated shades for privacy all at the same time.

Another scene set to “vacation” mode has your lights and shades turn on and rise up throughout the day, mimicking your daily routines as if you were home.  This will keep your house from looking like a target to unwanted thieves and burglars.


Want to learn more about a quality surveillance system for your property?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form.  Our team would love to hear from you!


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