How Control4 Enables Smarter Home Security


Control4 and DSC Partner to Deliver Integrated, Intelligent Home Security

As a pioneer and leader in smart home automation since 2004, Control4 has earned a well-deserved reputation for working well with many home solutions. To date, the Control4 system can work with over 13,000 devices across a spectrum of home functions, including entertainment, lighting, climate control, and much more. 

To enable a higher level of home security, Control4 has partnered with Tyco Security Products' DSC, one of the leaders in both residential and commercial security. Keep reading below to learn how these two industry leaders created a superior smart home security solution for Charlotte, NC homes.

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Combining the Power of DSC with Control4

DSC PowerSeries Neo security systems are state-of-the-art alarm systems in many high-end homes. The integration with Control4 lets homeowners use Control4's intuitive interface to manage security functions. For example, arming and disarming the PowerSeries Neo can be accomplished through Control4 touchscreens, the TV interface, the Control4 app on smart devices, and even the Apple Watch. 

The integration of DSC with Control4 extends beyond the interface. If the alarm goes off, the Control4 system can enable automated responses in the zone that triggered it, like turning on the lights in that area and sending the image from a security camera to the homeowner. Other integrations make for more convenience and security. When the alarm is disarmed, an automated arrival scene can be engaged with lights, music, window treatments, and temperature set to welcome the homeowner home. The DSC system can also partner with Control4 for added security when the homeowner leaves. When the alarm is set, Control4’s unique Mockupancy feature can be activated. Mockupancy simulates a homeowner’s usage patterns for lighting, shading, and entertainment to create the illusion of an occupied home. 

Peace of Mind, At Home or Away

Combining the state-of-the-art security features of DSC PowerSeries with Control4 is a win-win for your clients. When you design your project to incorporate both systems, you will be providing your clients the peace of mind that their home investment will be well-protected. Your clients will have seamless control of their smart home through Control4 while taking advantage of all the security features DSC offers, such as detection for smoke, heat, motion, shock, glass breakage, and more.

Go beyond standard security solutions for your projects with smart solutions from Control4 and DSC. To learn more, reach out to us by calling 704-412-4040, fill out an online form, or connect with us instantly by clicking the chat window below. We look forward to working with you!

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