Worried for Your Home’s Safety? Control4 Can Help


Why Now Is the Time to Increase Security with Smart Home Automation

In the midst of a pandemic, many Americans fear that things could take a turn for the worse. While authorities are distracted elsewhere, is your home more vulnerable to break-ins, robberies, and looting? There are fewer people on the streets to witness crimes, and with high unemployment, people may become desperate.

Even if no one attempts to ransack your house, there are other precautions we need to take during this time. For example, social distancing makes it challenging to answer the door without possibly putting your family at risk.  

Luckily, Control4 smart home automation helps with all safety issues, both large and small. Whether you have a Control4 system already in place or are new to smart technology, continue reading to see how it can give you peace of mind for your Weddington, NC home.


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Answer the Door Without Contact

Under normal circumstances, it’s lovely to say hello to a neighbor or someone delivering a parcel at the front steps. But to keep yourself and your family safe, it’s best now to keep your distance from visitors for now. But what if there’s a knock or ring at the door?

With a surveillance camera and intercom integrated with Control4, you’re free to speak to whoever approaches without stepping outside. Unlock the door right from your phone or tablet to let a package be dropped off, then lock it immediately. Through the intercom, greet the visitor and explain the situation kindly. For families with elderly or immunocompromised members, this communication method is especially helpful to prevent contamination. 


Stay in-the-Know with Cameras and Sensors

If something suspicious or out of the ordinary were to occur on your property, your smart system will let you know right away. Motion sensors at entrances and along the driveway can trigger an alert to your Control4 app. If you weren’t anticipating anyone to arrive—perhaps it’s midnight—check surveillance footage from the same app. With smart security cameras mounted on the eaves of your house and situated with wide viewing angles, you’ll be able to assess the situation and call the police instantly. Whether you’re inside the house or across town at the grocery store, your family’s safety is under control.

Plus, to store surveillance footage, our team can help you set up a cloud-based system. Video may override itself after a set amount of time, so you don’t run out of storage space. You’ll always be covered so that if anything does happen, you’ll provide evidence to the police.


Total Control From One App

Protecting your North Carolina home is as simple as a few taps on a screen or a voice command. Through Control4, you can group smart devices into rooms and create custom settings to select or schedule over and over. Synch your landscape lights to turn on automatically with motion detection and alarms. When it’s time for bed, check the status of every lock, alarm, and camera with at-a-glance icons.

We may be home more than ever now, but these uncertain times should make security a top priority for your household. And when the epidemic does pass, your house will be in good hands as your return to work and travel. Just check in from the Control4 app then continue with your day.


Are you interested in improving your security in Weddington, NC? The Integrated Home is still open and operating as an essential business. Contact us here to get started.

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