A Smart Surveillance System Means a Stress-Free Vacation This Summer

A smart surveillance system’s camera installed in a property’s exterior.

Gain Peace of Mind Whether You’re at Home, at Work, or on a Trip

The summer is well underway, and while it’s the perfect time to go on vacation, you might be concerned about leaving your home unoccupied. While away from home, you may find yourself stressed about your Charlotte, NC property’s safety, leaving you less time to kick back and enjoy your time off.

Even when you’re headed out for just the day or a small amount of time, you want assurance that your home is in good care. With a smart surveillance system in place, you can breathe easy and let innovative technology do what you can’t while you’re away.

High-end cameras and features will give you needed peace of mind whether you’re across the globe or down the street. Learn more about protecting your property today by reading below.

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Top-Tier Surveillance for Your Whole Property

A smart surveillance system installed by professionals guarantees that every corner of your home has coverage. There won’t be a room or area of your property that you can’t monitor. In fact, you’ll have the ability to pull out your smartphone to check your home’s status while you’re at work or across the country.

Cameras installed seamlessly throughout your property are maneuverable - remotely! You can zoom, tilt, or pan them to get the perfect view of any part of your home. Instant notifications let you know immediately when something is amiss or when your cameras capture something atypical. You can watch footage in real-time or record it and save it to watch later.

Let The Integrated Home Help with Every Step

Bringing top-notch security and surveillance to your entire property is no easy feat - so don’t go at it on your own! DIY solutions can only get you so far with your smart home, and they definitely shouldn’t be what you rely on for your family and property’s protection.

With a professional integrator on your team for the duration of the system installation, you can trust that the whole process will run smoothly. Our team of experts at The Integrated Home knows the ins and outs of the smart surveillance industry, and we’ll ensure a properly installed system with high-end cameras and features to provide unparalleled security. Trust us for every step of your installation, from start to finish!


Want to find out more about improving your home’s security with a surveillance system? Give our team at The Integrated Home a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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