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Luma Brings AI-Powered Surveillance Systems to Homeowners

A video surveillance camera under the eave of a home.

Integrate Luma Surveillance with Control4 Home Automation for a Secure Smart Home

There was a time when video surveillance systems were limited to commercial businesses. Fortunately, more homeowners are looking to protect their families and homes and turning to these systems for security. According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, a protected home is 300% less likely to experience burglaries and break-ins. These systems act as a deterrent, with many thieves choosing a different target if they spot a security camera. 

At The Integrated Home, we provide life-enhancing solutions in home automation and smart surveillance systems, using the latest technology to ensure the highest level of security and convenience. 

To accomplish this, we partner with Luma, an industry leader in intuitive smart surveillance that remains on the cutting edge of quickly evolving technology. In September 2022, the brand launched the new Luma x20 family of surveillance products.

Let’s explore what they offer and how, together, we’re protecting homes in Charlotte, NC.

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The Latest Security Cameras

Today’s security cameras offer crystal-clear full HD resolution, far different from their grainy predecessors. They also send notifications when movement is detected. Luma has gone a step further, delivering the latest AI-powered security features. These new features include AI-powered human and vehicle detection and color-at-night cameras that provide clear video when you need it the most. 

AI-powered surveillance systems offer more sophisticated analytics, enabling the camera to determine if it’s seeing an animal, vehicle, or human. This significantly limits false alarms, only sending notifications when a person or vehicle is spotted, helping you focus on what really matters. 

If a car pulls into the driveway or a person appears by the front or back door, you'll receive a notification on your smartphone. But if it's your friendly neighborhood squirrel making the rounds, they’ll pass by without triggering the camera to send an alert. AI technology can also use software programs to detect when something out of the ordinary occurs.

These cameras also have built-in remote servicing capabilities, enabling our technicians to provide remote troubleshooting and keep your systems running smoothly without requiring a service call.  

Integrated with Control4 

Luma's new surveillance cameras also provide greater integration with the Control4 home automation system. Users experience automatic video streams and enhanced camera views from the Control4 platform and can also save and share video clips. From this same home automation system, you control lighting, shades, climate, entertainment, and security, making for a truly integrated smart home.

Now, you can pull up video surveillance feeds on your TVs, Control4 touchscreens, or mobile devices. When you’re away, check on your home and loved ones from anywhere in the world via your smartphone. Luma also offers full HD security cameras for the interior of your home.

At The Integrated Home, we provide custom smart security, including alarm and surveillance systems, automated door locks, remote access, and environmental detection. We are also Control4 Diamond Certified, representing the highest level a dealer can attain and demonstrating our commitment to our craft.

To learn more about home automation and surveillance systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact The Integrated Home today.

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