4 Reasons to Use Double Online Conversion for Power Management

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Access Clean, Uninterrupted Power at All Times With This Home Energy Management Tool 

Losing power is the ultimate inconvenience for anyone. But in luxury homes with smart technology spanning the entire property, it can have dire consequences. Our clients often look for backup power solutions that will give them peace of mind during blackouts and brownouts—which are often even more dangerous for electronic components. 

Do you know which home energy management option is best for your Charlotte, NC, home? We recommend Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) in these cases instead of traditional generators, which will result in momentary disruptions to your power. Although line-interactive UPS are usually cheaper, double online conversion solutions are the better option. See why we use them for our luxury clients. 

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Clean, Uninterrupted Power 

The primary reason we recommend double an online conversion UPS is that you're always working off converted DC power. Once power enters your home, it is converted to DC power and then back into an AC output at the inverter level. In layman's terms, there's never a 'switch' to the battery or direct access to the power from your utility. Critical loads are shielded from voltage anomalies like surges or sags, and you don't have to worry about extended downtime during outages. 

Greater Battery Life

An online double conversion UPS works off DC power connected to the backup battery, but that doesn't mean this battery is constantly activated. Most traditional line interactive UPS systems call on the battery more—every time certain thresholds are met. Every time this battery gets activated, it shortens its lifespan. Instead, double conversion UPS keeps a more steady DC power supply available, so there's less reason to drain the battery. That means fewer battery replacements and greater reliability. 

Prepare for the Worst

Power fluctuations could be extreme enough to damage your UPS to the point that it faces catastrophic failure or a need for immediate maintenance. An online double conversion UPS includes an internal static bypass. When the UPS can no longer function, the static bypass automatically transfers its remaining load to the main electric supply. Direct this power to your more critical systems to buy time until repair or replacement. 

Protection from All Incidents 

There are nine different scenarios that your home energy management system needs to be able to address: 

  1. Power failure 
  2. Power sag
  3. Power surge
  4. Under-voltage
  5. Over-voltage
  6. Electrical line noise 
  7. Frequency variation 
  8. Switching transient
  9. Harmonic distortion

Both line interactive and double online conversion UPS options address the first five, though with differing levels of efficiency. However, due to their separation from the direct power source, an online conversion UPS is the only one equipped to handle the last four items on the list.

Are you ready to upgrade to a more reliable home energy management solution? Set up a meeting with our team of experts by calling or filling out our contact form. Our team will expertly install your UPS to ensure your critical loads always receive power.

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