Upgrade Your Control System with New Control4 Vibrant Lighting

A living space illuminated by Control4 lighting.

Illuminate & Elevate Your Living Spaces

As lighting can transform and reshape any room, new features to your home lighting control system can bring new life to your Charlotte, NC home as a whole! Control4’s new Vibrant Linear Lighting is the leading brand’s latest solution that integrates temperature, color, and brightness into your surroundings and everyday smart home experience.

Create the ideal home environment of your dreams with this innovative lighting system and its advanced features. Want to learn more about its many benefits for you and the entire household? Keep reading on below.

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What Does Vibrant Linear Lighting Have to Offer? 

So what makes the Vibrant Linear Lighting system from Control4 stand apart from a standard setup? Offering premium light diffusion via integrated LED strips and aluminum extrusions, linear lighting is an immersive experience! You feel your lighting and how it transforms your environment more than you see its fixtures.

Your system will create an enhanced ambiance by eliminating any harsh shadows across your rooms and instead highlighting your home’s unique architectural features and design. With this advanced accent lighting, you can take a flat-feeling room and change it into a multi-dimensional, lived-in space that’s customized to meet your exact preferences.

Elevated Ambiance & Dynamic Lighting

As linear lighting brings temperature, color, and brightness levels together to create your ideal home environment and ambiance, you can easily choose what the mood of your current setting is on a whim! Create a lively, brightly illuminated living space or one that’s calming and peaceful, depending on the moment or event.

Going beyond standard dimmers, Vibrant Linear Lighting lets you create fully customizable areas across your whole property with bright, vivid colors or more subdued, warm hues. You can even set incremental sun transitions that shift your lighting color temperatures from warmer tones to white ambient light to help keep your circadian rhythm on track.

Choose Vibrant Linear Lighting for Your System

Let our team at The Integrated Home bring this highly adaptable system to your property today! Easy to implement and install throughout your home and on most surfaces, Vibrant Linear Lighting from Control4 can brighten up even the small and tight spaces in your home that you might have initially thought were out of reach!


Ready to learn more about bringing this new Control4 solution to your lighting control system? Feel free to give our team of experts at The Integrated Home a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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