Light up Your Porch, Pool, or Patio with Professional Landscape Lighting

It can be fairly time-consuming and difficult to install lighting in your backyard. It’s not as easy as plugging in a light inside your Charlotte, NC home. Outdoor lighting needs to withstand different types of weather and also blend in to your foliage so that cords don’t become an eyesore. A professional will ensure your landscape lighting is top quality and safe to use throughout the year. Working with an expert like The Integrated Home ensures your home stays nice and bright for outdoor soirees, pool parties, and relaxing evenings by the lake. 

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Lighting Ideas

To create outdoor lighting that is both stylish and functional, install lights on the house and in the yard to provide ample light for you to see at night, and then pick a few decorative light fixtures to hang under a pergola as feature pieces. Sconces installed on the house walls could provide functional light, while stringing mason jars with lights inside give a whimsical feel to the patio.

Place path lights along your walkways so you and your guests can safely and easily navigate the backyard. You can also add these path lights to your driveway so people can drive up easily as well. Entrance lights at the front door provide safety and security as they let the neighborhood know someone is home. We can also tie in motion sensors to the lighting system so that flood lights alert you to any movement around the house.

Accent lighting will highlight special areas of your property, like a fountain or garden. It can be installed on the ground level and pointed up, or installed up high and directed down to imitate moonlight.

String lights are a nice touch to add to an outdoor dining area or dance floor. Soft white bulbs add beautiful and romantic ambiance for various occasions. You could even make your home feel like a luxury resort by placing lights in and around the pool, ponds, and even in the trees.

Lighting Controls

Of course the most dramatic moment after the work is done is turning the lights on! We put the most easy-to-use controls in your hands so that managing your outdoor lighting system is simple and effective. By programming multiple zones of lighting, you can control the lights in the different areas of your backyard. Open an app on your phone or tablet and turn the pool lights on for an evening swim. Press another button and highlight your rose garden to show your overnight guests your prized flowers. You can even coordinate the different lights for specific occasions, like parties or romantic rendezvous.

For example, create a scene called “Party time” and make the string lights over the pergola turn on, the lights around the BBQ, and the accent lights on the dance floor area. You could even integrate an outdoor music system so that your music playlist turns on at the same time! Also, timers will help make ending the evening go smoothly so that all of the accent lights shut off, but the floodlights stay on.

Now is the time to start planning for spring! Fill out this online form if you’d like us to design and install a beautiful lighting system in your North Carolina home.

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