How Séura Lighted Mirrors Add New Flair to Lighting Design


Séura Offers New Mirror Design Options for Bathrooms and Dressing Areas

Baths and dressing areas can be tricky from a lighting design standpoint. You want to have enough lighting, but it must also not be too much for certain tasks like applying makeup. Lighted mirrors offer lighting and interior designers a chance to add form and function at the same time – combining lighting and the utility of mirrors.

Séura is a maker of specialty products like mirror TVs, outdoor TVs, and lighted mirrors designed for both aesthetics and performance. Séura products are widely used in commercial settings like hotels, but their quality is equally at home in luxury residences. Read on to see how to enhance lighting designs in Charlotte, NC, high-end homes with Séura lighted mirrors.

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3 Ways to Save Energy with Lighting Control

The second biggest user of energy in your home—right after your heating and cooling system—is lighting. The electricity bill can go way up if you leave lights on, not to mention you are wasting resources and contributing to light pollution. Whatever your motivation is for cutting back on your energy, The Integrated Home can help with home lighting control. Here are three main ways to save energy in your Charlotte, NC home. 

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  1. Install Dimmers

Installing dimmers is a great first step to making a difference. Every time you dim the lights you save energy. According to the lighting manufacturer Lutron, dimming the lights by 25 percent can save you up to 20% on energy. You'll shave some cost off your monthly utility bill and make your bulbs last longer. We have dimmers that are compatible with all kinds of different lights, like LEDs, halogens, and fluorescents. Certain models automatically save you 15% on energy. Of course the best time to dim the lights is during peak daylight hours, when the sun is high. Make most of the natural daylight and save your artificial lights for later in the evening. You can set your dimmers to lower lighting at certain times of day, or manually adjust them with your mobile device or a switch on the wall. Our wall plates will look stylish and will be easy to access so you can simply save with the swipe of your finger.

  1. Add Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors help you make saving energy a priority without all the extra work. This technology ensures that lights won't be left on due to forgetfulness. If you leave a room, it will know it and turn off the lights accordingly. Depending on the type of sensor you use, it can detect slight movements, like typing on a computer, or just major movements so your dog doesn’t keep turning the lights on

They can save you 20% on energy and last a long time. Daylight sensors, similarly, detect light and automatically make adjustments. If it's a bright, sunny day, the lights dim to a low level. If it's overcast outside, the light will stay bright.

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