3 Reasons to Install Outdoor Lighting

A backyard patio with seating is illuminated at nighttime with outdoor lighting.

Choose Landscape Lighting Elements That Fit Your Outdoor Style

Inspire fun in your backyard with lighting elements that match your needs and your style. A beautiful North Carolina evening is something to take in and enjoy. Find more pleasure in the nighttime breeze when you feel secure thanks to lighting additions around the patio or along the path leading down to the firepit.

Homeowners have many options for outdoor lighting. Some choices provide functionality, while some are more security-focused. Others are simply for creating beautiful dramatic effects that draw the eye of those passing by. But, no matter your reason for installing outdoor lighting in your Charlotte-area backyard, you will surely experience relaxing evenings of enjoyment.

Continue reading below to learn more about why homeowners install outdoor lighting. 

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Meandering around a darkened backyard in the evening can pose quite a safety risk. A nighttime stroll is less fun when you’re unsure of footing, could step in a hole, or trip on a rock. Outdoor lighting is essential for enjoying outdoor areas once the sun goes down. Walkways, decks, patios, steps, and pool areas are hazardous, so installing lighting is critical.

Some outdoor lighting fixtures are better suited for functional lighting than others. For instance, if you have a deck or patio, you may install in-ground lighting. With this type of lighting, the fixtures are installed flush with the deck or patio, eliminating tripping hazards and minimizing visual distraction in the daylight.

Another popular choice for improving function is post-lighting, most commonly found alongside walkways. These lights come in various styles and can be installed in different patterns, allowing the homeowner to choose a design that best suits their tastes.


Outdoor lighting also serves as a robust security measure. Typical security lighting is installed around garages, sheds, and entryways and is often integrated with a home security system’s platform.

The best outdoor lighting fixtures are floodlights and spotlights, and when paired with motion sensors, they will activate when motion occurs. The light will help you capture better footage if you have an outdoor security camera and may also help deter the offender, whether human or animal.

Dramatic Effect

Of course, outdoor lighting also crafts artistic beauty that envelops a home. Highlighting trees or illuminating special landscape features, like fountains or benches, is common. You can even utilize downlights or uplights to enhance the architectural features of your home's exterior. Outdoor lighting adds personality to your home and makes it uniquely yours!


If you want to learn more about outdoor lighting options for your North Carolina home, please contact us here to start a conversation about what’s possible.

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