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Why to Include a Smart Security System in Your New Builds

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Discover Why Architects & Builders are Incorporating This Solution into Their Projects

A smart home delivers unprecedented ease of living, enhancing families' everyday lives and making home technology control effortless and enjoyable. While a home automation platform can control lighting, climate, shades, entertainment, and more, a smart security system is among the most sought-after new home features.

These systems offer peace of mind, easy access, and remote management from anywhere. In the blog below, we’ll look at why builders and architects include these systems in their projects in Charlotte, NC, and throughout the country.

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The Rising Demand for Smart Home Security

Today, smart home security comes in many forms, from video doorbell cameras and intruder alarms to whole-home smart security systems with video surveillance, automated sensors, and smart door locks. 

According to Techjury, households spent about $19.4 billion on smart security systems in 2020, which is expected to reach $35 billion by next year! These systems remain one of the top investments in home technology and automation. 

This growing demand is driven, in part, by increasing crime rates across the nation. A Gallup poll from late 2022 found that 72% of Americans expect the crime rate to rise in 2023.

For professionals in the building trades, this rising interest translates to an opportunity to integrate smart home security systems during the construction phase. In addition, some in the trade also offer smart home packages that include security, a practice that gives home builders a competitive edge.

The Features Found in Smart Home Security

Some of our clients’ favorite security features include receiving alerts when motion is detected or something unusual occurs on their property. These alerts may be triggered by someone standing at the backdoor or an unknown car pulling into the driveway. 

Homeowners can immediately pull up the live security camera video feed on a mobile device and determine if a call to first responders or law enforcement is warranted. Remote access also enables locking doors and setting alarms while away. 

Working with a Home Automation Integrator

As a home automation and security specialist, The Integrated Home works with your team to install the necessary wiring infrastructure during the building process. Builders and architects find that not only do these systems protect their clients, but they also help keep the property and materials safe during the construction phase.

As a Control4 Diamond Certified Dealer and HTA Certified Estate integrator, you can be assured of our abilities to provide the highest quality smart home design and installation services. We can manage large-scale projects and are committed to staying on budget and completing on time. 

To learn more about integrating smart security systems and other home automation packages into your projects, contact The Integrated Home.

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