3 Solutions That Take Your Home Cinema to a Whole New Level

Are you looking to bring a dedicated home cinema to your Lake Norman, NC living space? By adding top-notch A/V technologies to your home theater installation or upgrade, you can experience your favorite films and TV shows in brand-new ways.

So, what technologies and solutions can help create the ultimate viewing area? Keep reading on below to learn more about which features and ideas can elevate your theater design.


Soundproofing the Room

How you set up the space for your home theater is critical to how everything sounds and plays there. Installing high-end speakers in the walls and ceiling can create a quality surround sound setup, letting everyone in the room hear every detail of action and dialogue.

But once you’ve made this investment, how can you ensure you don’t deal with any muffling of the audio, or noise that carries over from another room? Optimize your theater’s audio by soundproofing the space and taking the room’s acoustics into account.

If you have a new home build and installation, you can start by installing drywall that keeps your media’s sound and audio within the theater and guarantees that chatter and noise from your kitchen or hallways don’t leak into the room and ruin your movie.

Putting in the right type of carpeting and material for your seating that absorbs your film’s audio can eliminate echoing and other sound distortion. Acoustic sound panels on your walls and ceilings will also absorb and reflect sound from your speaker and evenly distribute it throughout the theater.

Hidden AV Solutions

When you customize your home theater and add a unique theme to it, you don’t want a glaringly obvious loudspeaker messing up with your design. The same goes for your projectors and other AV equipment.

Get inspiration from your favorite film franchise, or even go a more classical route and set up the space to look like a night at the opera. With hidden AV features, you can ensure that your theme will remain intact.

Those same in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that we mentioned above help your smart technologies blend in with the rest of your décor and stylings – while still providing an exceptional audio performance.

Simply press a button, and your screen and projector can lower and raise back up into your theater’s ceiling, giving the place a polished and less theatrical look when not in use, if that’s what you’d prefer for your theme.

You don’t need to deal with wiring and cabling cluttering up the space and being an eyesore for your cinema. Our team’s professional installations make sure that hidden A/V solutions only enhance the theater space.

A System Everyone Can Use

Make it easy for everyone in the theater to control and manage the media up on the screen, without the guesswork. With any smart device you choose, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or remote, you can just press a button to operate your entertainment system.

Now you won’t have to deal with endless remotes lying around on the seats, getting lost in them and under them. You can even tie in your other smart automated features, such as motorized shades and lighting control. With these, you can turn down the lights and lower your shades right when a movie is about to start.

With integrated scenes like “Movie Night,” you’ll instantly create the perfect viewing atmosphere.

Want to learn more about upgrading and installing new smart technologies and solutions to make your home theater the best it can be? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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