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Keep Your Technology Running Smoothly & Safely on Clean Power 

Our homes depend on technology more than ever, and if you own a home security system, home theater, or smart system, that’s a lot of equipment. We may not give much thought to the power that flows through our homes, but it can cause many problems if not managed properly.

Power surges can cause your devices to malfunction or worse, lead to an electrical fire. Energy management solutions can extend the lifetime of your technology while protecting your home.

We’ll share what you need to know about power backups, surge protectors, and clean energy so your Charlotte, NC, home can stay safe and powered with long-lasting devices.


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What Is a Power Surge?

The power that flows through the average wall outlet is considered 120-volt AC power. However, it’s not always 120 volts, and any voltage that exceeds 169 can cause damage. Power surges can start from the utility grid switching, or a malfunction from a transformer, which commonly happens during a lightning strike. But surges can also occur within the home. If a high-powered device turns on or off, it can trigger a smaller surge.

Why does this cause problems? A boost in voltage will add more heat to the electronic circuit board, causing malfunction—or worse, fire. Almost half of home electrical fires involve wiring, outlets, switches, or plugs. If you have a lot of technology running through your home, you’ll need to watch out for surges.

What Is Clean & Dirty Power?

Not all electricity is equal. ‘Dirty power’ has ‘noise’ in it, as in surges, sags, and distortions in the sinewaves. Your home experiences lower-quality power when the energy delivered to a system doesn’t match what’s expected. These issues originate from the utility company’s infrastructure or its inability to supply your neighborhood’s power demands.


Why Should I Use Energy Management Technology?

Have you ever wondered why technology stops working? Why can’t it just last longer? A lot of the times, overheating and damaging power can ruin our devices.

You can avoid power surges and destructive dirty power with help from energy management devices by SurgeX. The SurgeX Standalone UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) delivers clean, continuous power to ensure a safe shutdown of all your equipment if there’s an outage. Incoming energy is converted from AC to DC then back to AC. It has a true sinewave output, so you know it will be ‘clean’ power.

A surge protector, like SurgeX’s Standalone, diverts voltage spikes safely to the ground rather than letting it enter sensitive circuits. There are different types of surge protectors—whole-house suppressors or power strips with surge protection. A surge protector is essential for any audio-video and security devices to ensure long-lasting performance and safety.

Want instant resolutions to your power issues? The enVision analytical software will monitor your power, identify any problems, and offer solutions. This will make it easier for a technology professional to help with any errors, as we’ll see data to facilitate root causes. EnVision software lets us make informed and swift decisions to keep your smart technology, security, or home theater up and running.

Is your home technology protected from power surges and dirty power? If not, contact The Integrated Home to learn more about our energy management services in the Charlotte, NC area. We look forward to helping you!

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