Trust an HTA-Certified Integrator for Smart Home Automation


The Integrated Home Celebrates Three Years as a Luxury Tier HTA Dealer

If you’d like to bring multi-room audio, a home theater, or smart technology to your Charlotte, NC home, you want to be sure it works perfectly, looks great, and will be installed without delays or issues. But if you’re using a DIY approach or hire a subpar integrator, you may be left with a mess of wires, a system that isn’t wholly connected or is challenging to upgrade years down the line.  

So how can you ensure your smart home automation installation is the best? Look for an HTA Certified integrator. The Home Technology Association upholds the only industry standard of excellence for home technology installation companies. In Charlotte, The Integrated Home has been a Luxury Tier member for the past three years. We’ll explain what that means and more below!


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3 Ways to Merge Smart Technologies with Design Plans

Smart home automation isn’t a thing of the future – it’s for the here and now. But as a builder or designer, it can seem a bit daunting to bring it to your latest Charlotte, NC, construction or project.

Not to worry – that’s why our team of experts at the Integrated Home is here to help throughout the whole process. But you might still wonder how you can integrate smart tech seamlessly into your building and design plans without causing disruption.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the various ways smart technologies cannot only merge nicely with existing décor but can also enhance it. Take a look below to learn why your clients will be happy to see smart features blended in with your home’s design choices.


Hidden Audio Video Features

A home entertainment system doesn’t have to take up a room’s space the entire time. When a smart TV isn’t in use, homeowners can easily have an installed wall panel slide over it to display artwork or a mirror instead, adding a flair to the room or making the room look larger.

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Is Your Smart Home Up to Date?

Is Your Smart Home Up to Date?

Your smart home is meant to add the highest luxuries and comfort to your living space by automating some of your home’s menial tasks. Are you missing some vital technologies that can take your system from standard to exceptional?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the integrated features and solutions you can add to your daily life. Let’s look at our checklist we’ve put together – and how you can update your Charlotte, NC property by working with a trusted smart home company like our team of experts at The Integrated Home.

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Smart Home Lighting Throughout Your Property

You might have lighting fixtures in specific areas of your home or your main rooms – the bedroom, family room, and kitchen. But until you bring intelligent lighting to your entire property, your home won’t be entirely “smart.”

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